Two sexy, red, round, sunken 1970s bath tubs — double your pleasure, double your fun in Indianapolis

Kohler-70s-soaker-tub-adcroppedKohler-70s-soaker-tub-redJust in time for spring, a wondrous woddity in the form of this sexy sequoia red sunken tub — and there’s a twin — ready for a party! — spotted for sale on craigslist by reader Helen.  The sellers who recently purchased this 1973 love pad told us that the matching pair of sunken tubs were both in the master bathroom. Oh my. If historic walls could talk. We can only begin to imagine. Oh my. There are more goodies, too — avocado kitchen appliances, Mediterranean cabinets, lighting — prepare your eyeballs.

Kohler-70s-soaker-tub-redAre these 1973 tubs a match for the ad we got from Kohler? Well, it doesn’t look like they are exactly — perhaps a derivative design by Kohler later?

red-kohler-soaker-tub-adText from the Kohler ad:

At the edge of your imagination lies a new frontier of comfort. The Super Spa, 103″ x 86.5″ x 34″ of sublimity. With optional fixed or floating teakwood table for added pleasure. Installed indoors or out. A practical alternative to a swimming pool, serving as both hot tub and whirlpool. Shown in Sequoia, one of a variety of exciting colors. For a free, full-color catalog, contact your Kohler dealer listed in the Yellow Pages or write: Kohler Company, Dept. SPA 00, Kohler, Wisconsin 53044.


From the listing:

We have lots of things for sale! The home is being renovated, and everything listed here needs to get gone before the real work can get started. If you don’t like the price listed, please make an offer, and we’ll see what we can do! We have for sale:

retro-avocado-kitchen-sinkKitchen sink (avocado green, cast iron with porcelain enamel, like new condition) – $150 obo
General Electric Avocado green side-by-side refrigerator with ice & water in the door – $125 obo
General Electric Avocado green double oven with full range (electric) – $150 obo
Jenn-air grill/range (electric) – $50 obo
Nu-tone counter mounted knife sharpener, works – Free for showing up!
General Electric Avocado green trash compacter – $50 obo
General Electric black dishwasher – $50 obo

retro-avocado-stove2 bar stools – $30 for the pair, obo
small cube freezer/ice maker – $20 obo

retro-light-fixture-1970sTwo red deep soaking tubs – $150 each, obo
Sligh (Holland MI) 1978 Half round secretary desk with chair – $550 obo
Large red light fixture – would be good over a pool table or something – $75 obo
Large dining room chandelier – not sure it’s for sale, but for the right offer it could be 😉

70s-avocado-green-trash-compactor retro-cooktop-70s70s-chandelierround-70s-bedThe sellers are not totally removing all of the 70s from this house, though! They are keeping a fantastic round bed, which they actually used as a photo booth during a recent party. FUN!

And please readers, no chest-beating that the new owners are not keeping all the other stuff — no doubt, styles this bold are not for the faint of heart. Let’s all be super happy that they have recognized the value of these fixtures … are putting these fantastic pieces on craigslist rather than into the dumpster… and have given us permission to feature and archive all this eye-candy here – thank you, Indy sellers!

Also, mega thanks to the great PR and archives team at Kohler for sending us the 1970s bathtub from their archives — you, rock!

Now: Who’s up for grabbing all these 1973 wonders?

  1. Kimberly Fecko says:

    I am dying for the avacado sink and double fridge. Ive looked and looked and they are PERFECT!!! are they available??

    1. Pam Kueber says:

      The story is from 2014, I am sure they are long gone – the craiglist ad expired so the link went away…

  2. Rosemary Thornton says:

    I just purchased a house that was built in 1973, and it has that red Japanese soaking tub. Honestly, that tub was one of the big attractions for the house.

    The house was custom built by a Vietnam vet who had met a woman in Japan, and brought her back to the states. She designed this house, and included the tub in the amazing bathroom!

    The house – in all original condition – had been completely renovated shortly before i purchased it, but the bathtub survived the remodel! Yay!

    I’ve posted a picture of the tub at my website: [link broken]

  3. Tracy Wittenkeller says:

    Hi. How can I get more info on the General Electric Avocado green double oven with full range?


  4. Todd Shipman says:

    Kate – I know where there is another one of those red tubs. I bet they would sell it too – what was the price on craigslist?

    1. Joe Felice says:

      Good point! I know you do for the current walk-in tubs. I suppose a point-of-service heater would do the trick.

    2. Jerred says:

      I have the exact Super Spa as shown in the advertisement. It still works today. And, yes it has a hot water feed plumbed directly into it from below. I love this hot tub!

  5. Elaine says:

    Those tubs look just like the Americh Beverly 4040, which is still available in red, with or without jets!

    1. pam kueber says:

      Wow! Thanks for the tip, Elaine! I jumped over to the Americh site — if I’m reading their specs correctly, that tub in red would be minimum $2500 new at the current retail price!

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