Marimekko collection — more than 20 pieces — coming from Banana Republic this week

Marimekko-Banana-Republic clothesWe love Marimekko, and this week, we will have Marimekko dresses, tops, pants and shorts to choose from. The trendy folk at Banana Republic — who not long ago gave the world a line of Mad Men suits — have teamed up with Marimekko to introduce a limited edition collection of dresses, separates, shoes and accessories featuring iconic Marimekko prints. We are told the collection will be arriving at Banana Republic any day.

Marimekko-dressFrom the Gap Inc. press release:

Banana Republic and Marimekko Announce Limited-Edition Capsule Collection for Summer 2014

New York, NY – Banana Republic and Finnish fashion and design house Marimekko announce the Banana Republic Marimekko Collection – a limited-edition capsule that uniquely marries Banana Republic’s modern, American style with some of Marimekko’s most iconic textile designs – offering  a spirited collection of dresses, separates and accessories for women that will make her summer wardrobe “pop.” The women’s capsule collection launches exclusively at select Banana Republic locations worldwide and online beginning in late May 2014.

Marimekko-dress-1960s-styleMarimekko first made headlines in the United States when Jacqueline Kennedy donned a number of the brand’s iconic printed dresses during the 1960 U.S. presidential campaign. Today, Marimekko’s vibrant designs still resonate with celebrity tastemakers and consumers alike.

BR_Marimekko_dressThe Marimekko brand has become world-renowned for an artistic approach to print-making. Marimekko’s team of artists juxtapose cheerful, fresh prints, creating whimsical patterns and textiles that are rich in variation, yet timeless in design.

Marimekko-Unikko-pants“Marimekko’s unique design of pattern and color has always inspired me as a designer,” says Banana Republic Vice President of Women’s Design, Melloney Birkett. “With this summer capsule, we wanted to create a collection that marries Marimekko’s iconic prints with our signature silhouettes. We were inspired by Marimekko founder Armi Ratia’s motto of, ‘Stand out from the rest,’ and we designed a collection of must-have summer standouts.”

Marimekko-skirt-polka-dotThe near 25 piece apparel and accessories women’s collection blends some of the most signature items from both brands, including Banana Republic’s iconic Hampton pant in Marimekko’s heroic black and white polka dot print. Items range from an architecturally designed cotton tunic with a plunging neckline, to a billowing maxi dress, to a dramatic full skirt – offering a versatile summer capsule that marries culture with style.

Marimekko-outfit-retroThe collection’s featured patterns, created by three of Marimekko’s storied designers, each tell a unique story through distinctive prints. From intriguing landscapes and folk-inspired art, to circular dots that dance in a single file, the prints splash the capsule with bright hues alongside classic black and white.

Marimekko-kaftan“At Marimekko, we are inspired by emotions. Life springs from opposing forces, and the desire to contradict emotions – happy with sad, energetic with relaxed – is what makes our prints so unique,” says Marimekko Creative Director, Minna Kemell-Kutvonen. “It was a delight to know Banana Republic finds our designs as striking as we do. Each of the iconic prints selected has a wonderful, joyful story – and with Banana Republic we are excited to continue to bring that joy to countless people around the world.”

Marimekko-dressApparel includes petites and will range in price from $39.50 (tank top) – $140 (dress); accessories range from $39.50 (clutch) – $98 (shoes).

The Iconic Marimekko Prints
The collection’s featured patterns, created by three of Marimekko’s storied designers, each tell a unique story.

  • Jurmo: Designed by Aino-Maija Metsola – Inspired by the remote island of Jurmo, this print draws inspiration from the rocky beaches, cliffs and high ground
  • Kivet: Designed by Maija Isola – A pattern built on circles cut with scissors, the print resembles rough-edge stones from the artist’s atelier
  • Räsymatto: Designed by Maija Louekari – Translates to “rag rug,” this print uses the texture of a woven rug, with braided strips of color, to create a pattern that resembles circular dots dancing in a single file
  • Siirtolapuutarha: Designed by Maija Louekari – Translates to “allotment,” this multi-color print is inspired by a journey from a bustling city to a lush garden allotment overflowing with flowers and vegetables
  • Tamara: Designed by Maija Isola – A 1960 classic, this black and white print draws inspiration from East European folkore, handicraft and ornamental patterns

After seeing what has been out in the stores lately, the Marimekko collection at Banana Republic feels like a breath of fresh air with retro flair. Anyone else think they might try on that pair of black and white Kivet “polka dot” pants?

  1. Ruthless Bunny says:

    I want, want, want the black and white skirt and t-shirt. I don’t suppose they do plus-sizes?


  2. Laurie Louise says:

    It’s the black and white skirt for me. Looks comfortable, dramatic and easy on the “assets.” Can you imagine all the colors you could pair with it? Let’s see what I can borrow from the remodeling budget…

  3. Geronimom says:

    Finally! Something I would love to reward myself with for losing 45 lbs. this spring! I’ll take the tunic mini-dress w/ v neck (although hmmm…. horizontal stripes/zig zags? Perhaps not yet!), the shorts/tanktop number & Love the b/w polka dot pants/top combo – hope Sarah didn’t jinx their “dry clean-ability” ! 😉 REALLY love the outfit above it tho – I SO remember my mom wearing a dress i that print back in the day 🙂 So nice that designers are bringing back these gorgeous looks! Thanks for letting all of us know, Pam!

    1. pam kueber says:

      I’m itching for something bright and bold, too — it’s been a long winter. Like some of the other darlings here, I think I’m also all about that tunic. I will wear capri length leggings under – I bet I can get them in that blue. I think I’ll get one for The Hukilau!

  4. Mary Elizabeth says:

    Wow! I would definitely try all of these on if I still had the figure I had when I wore similar clothes–5’7″ and 110 pounds. Guess I’ll have to settle for the tunic with some Birkenstocks. 🙂

  5. Roundhouse Sarah says:

    Ooh I’m loving the cute little multi colored number in the top right hand corner! I wish they had used that fabric for the maxi dress. In the summer I live in maxi dresses! As a Drycleaner the B&W polka dotted skirt and pants look like a nightmare, I hope they set the dye well! I’m sure I’ll be seeing these pieces come through the shop soon.

  6. Jenny A. says:

    I love, love, love Marimekko and am happy to see this collection. I will certainly check it out and would love to try some of the dresses. Due to my, ahem, assets, I don’t think I will be trying on the Kivet pants, ha ha. Kate, you should go for them though because I think they would look adorable on you.

    1. Kate says:

      Hahaha thanks Jenny A., but my “assets” may be a bit much for these pants too! Guess I’ll just have to try them and see! 🙂

  7. Nancy B says:

    Love this! Thanks for the heads up! I found so many panels of this wonderful original fabric from the 50’s this winter, wouldn’t you know it, all sold!! But great to just see in person!

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