New Old Stock Westinghouse DD 74 range — discovered after 60 years in a basement

Vintage-Westinghouse-stove-DD-74Yowza, reader and epic retro researcher Jason — who constantly sends us tips about vintage goodies coming up for sale — has done it again, uncovering yet another amazing vintage find. This time it is a New Old Stock Westinghouse range for sale by ebay seller pedro4 in Waltham, Mass. The stove, he says, rescued from the basement of a Westinghouse repairman’s home, where it had sat unused for 60 years. The stove is a beauty indeed, shiny, clean and oozing retro charm — and it also has a few unique functional features — like the built-in fryer basket that sits directly in the stovetop. Neato!

midcentury-westinghouse-stoveFrom the Ebay listing:

Up for auction is this once in a lifetime find. An unused Westinghouse DD-74 Electric stove from the 40’s or 50’s. vintage-westinghouse-stove-dialsThis unique find came from a Westinghouse distributer/repair man and has been stored in a dry basement for over 60 years. It is unused and most likely never even plugged in. Look at all the pictures to see what a beautiful 60 year old electric stove this is. vintage-oven-westinghousevintage-stove-westinghouseAs stated it is unused, and is in tremendous shape. Look at the picture from the inside of the oven.  It shines like the day it was manufactured. This may be the only one of it’s kind in this shape. All draws are perfect, they are clean and shiny. retro-westinghouse-stove-topWestinghouse-stove-top-vintageThe front, top and sides have a beautiful enamel shine. It also has a very unique deep frying basket and burner with cover. It is very cool. westinghouse-stove-vintagevintage-westinghouse-stove-drawersThere are a couple of minor blemishes, but they are minor and can be touched up.  These blemishes are on one side of the stove where there are 2 small places where the enamel came off. A little enamel paint and it will resolve the problem.  Also there are couple of small scuff marks but not dings or dents. The only other thing is the chrome needs to be polished. vintage-Westinghouse-stove-backAs stated this is probably the only unused stove of its type in existence unless it is in a Westinghouse Museum. vintage-westinghouse-serialIt weights probably 225 lbs and measures approx. 40″ by 27″ by 44 inches tall.

This stove seems like a museum worthy piece indeed — though it would be a dream to have in someone’s vintage kitchen. Mind you: Be sure to have a properly licensed professional check out your vintage appliances — even if they are New Old Stock. Mega thanks to Jason for yet another great tip and to Ebay seller pedro4 for allowing us to feature the photos of this rare New Old Stock Westinghouse stove.

Can anyone here identify the year of this stove from the materials provided?

  1. Craig J. says:

    If you search on YouTube for “Dinner at 6,” you will see an industrial film all about this Westinghouse electric range. We happened to watch it today to enjoy the midcentury furniture and clothing (and language) and I found this website later looking up info about the range.

  2. Jimmy Jordan says:

    My 92 year-old aunt has a vintage Westinghouse wall oven. A younger nephew broke the handle, and she doesn’t wish to purchase a new oven. The 40+ year-old oven is just fine. Does anyone have a pull handle foe the oven?

  3. Carolyn. Lovejoy says:

    I recently purchased a 1950’s westinghouse electric stove. Trying to teplace two top elements with no luck so far. Could you possibly point in the right direction? Thank you in advance.

  4. Karen says:

    I have a 1949 westinghouse frost free fridge in almost perfect condition still running amazingly. I would most dearly love to own and cherish this stove with the amazing care it deserves. I would love to discuss a price and could pick it up if need be. I’d greatly appreciate to be contacted back just to chat and learn the history and memories associated with the original owner. Please contact me back. Thank you

    1. pam kueber says:

      Karen, this is an old story. Click on the ebay link (brite bold blue) and you can try to contact the seller to see if it’s still available. No one can see your email here.

  5. Tommy Knappenberger says:

    When dating things, a lot of times I look for patent dates. That will usually get you pretty close. Nothing will be older than the latest patent date listed. Easy to find patent date charts on the web

  6. Mike says:

    I have that exact stove but my bottom oven element recently stopped working. Does anyone here happen to know where i can find one? Ive tried and tried but no luck 🙁

  7. Becky says:

    I have a stove just like this in my home right now and love it! I was looking for replacement control knobs that would light up with the appropriate color, but had no luck finding replacement parts. My husband and I fixed them with file folder tabs in the appropriate colors. If anyone knows where difficult to find replacement parts can be purchased, please post.

  8. Kathryn says:

    My Girl Scout Leader had one very like this in her home in the early 60s. It wasn’t new then, and I was fascinated by the “soup pit.”

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