that 70s kitchen Much fun always popping up on our Facebook page. Recently, reader Laura Dee shared this delight:

I just remembered that I drew this in my Architectural Design class. I called it,”That 70s Kitchen”. My teacher questioned my taste level, but I still got an A. lol.

Of course, I was entranced — she got the colors — the harvest gold, the brick red, the avocado green and the darkish woodtones, all ala denim — just right. In our little conversation that followed she added:

I should have put a scallop between the cabinets over the window. Or those curved shelves for keeping knick-knacks on.

Okay, maybe. But this That 70s Kitchen: I Love You Just the Way You Are.

SEE IT BIG — Clicky-loo the following thumbnail to see Laura Dee’s classic drawing supersize delicious:

  1. Jan says:

    What’s very funny to me about this artwork is that aside from the appliance, wallpaper and curtain colors, and the flooring (because I’m fairly certain that’s meant to be linoleum), the other elements are very much like my parents’ kitchen from 1971 to 1975. Our appliances were avocado instead of harvest gold. We did have that exact paneled wainscoating, and the cupboards were very, very similar. And if I squint, the linoleum does look like their 70’s plaid indoor-outdoor carpeting in the kitchen. Very good job!

  2. dkzody says:

    This is pretty much my kitchen, sans the harvest gold fridge and dishwasher which have been replaced with, gasp, white. I’ve redone the flooring and there is no wallpaper. My window covering is the original roman shade in wood and gold thread. I love my 70s kitchen.

  3. Caitlin says:

    This drawing took me back to my childhood. My parents built a log cabin in the woods in 1977. In addition to the log walls, my mother selected a simple brick red colored wall paper. We, too, had gold appliances including a refridgerator with a kick opener on the bottom. The neighbor’s dog learned how to use it and once stole two pounds of hamburger. Our floors were the same brick red vinyl as in the drawing. My mothers, always a bit a head of the times, selected a creamy Corian counter top. I loved that country kitchen. Thanks for sharing your 70’s kitchen.

  4. Laurie Louise says:

    Beautiful, Laura. In addition to nailing the design aspects, the young mom and son are beautifully drawn. The positions of their bodies tell so much about their relationship and life in the home. I’m guessing you took life drawing as well as architecture courses. I love the mom’s babushka that matches her blouse…and those bentwood chairs…lovely, lovely, all of it!

  5. Kelly Wittenauer says:

    Your drawing is wonderful! So many details thought of & perfectly captured.

  6. midmichigan says:

    Ha, Laura! Very good! The finishing ‘70’s touch was of course the bell-bottom jeans you drew on the young woman. I think the button-up fly was in vogue too.

  7. Laura Dee says:

    Hi, everyone! Thank you for all the awesome comments! 😀 I’m blushing big-time over here. -Laura

    1. pam kueber says:

      Thank YOU, Laura Dee. I have this drawing as my desktop background right now on my computer — it makes me so happy!

  8. Brian says:

    Z-Brick all the way!!! We made a special trip to the local K-Mart to purchase about ten boxes of that stuff for the kitchen backsplashes in our “immobile” mobile home!

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