midcentury modern bedroom before afterWe’ve featured Rebecca and Keith’s kitchen remodel…. and their bathroom remodel… but this transformation was much easier: What a difference an accent wall can make. And when it’s papered in lovely Sanderson wallpaper — even better.

midcentury modern bedroom
Rebecca first spotted this wallpaper — Sanderson’s Dandelion Clocks — when we wrote about its introduction in 2012. Given all the other, more urgent projects in the queue, it took a while for her to get to this one.She writes:

I know the story isn’t huge, BUT the thing about the project that is so great is that it was a pretty small project that made a really big impact on my daily life!  Just one wall of gorgeous wallpaper, and three walls of paint, and the room is TRANSFORMED.  It’s so calming and wonderful to go to every night.  🙂 I can’t even believe it’s the same room!  Wallpaper is a beautiful thing.

The wallpaper is Sanderson wallpaper, Dandelion Clocks.  The other three walls are a nice green.  This is the room that is adjoining to the new bathroom, hence the green.

All of the furniture and table lights are IKEA, btw.  And I love Kandinsky which happens to fit my decor.  The ceiling fan is awesome.  The Modern Fan Company.  I SCOURED the internet for a non-offensive ceiling fan that wouldn’t break me financially.  We are slowly replacing all four h****** fans that were in the house.

sanderson dandelion clocks
Also btw, in a separate email — before she  she had shared:

I just had the Sanderson wallpaper put up.  The woman and I were chatting about this and that and linoleum, etc etc.  Then, she says “have you ever gone to Retro Renovation?”  Cool, huh?!

Yes, very cool, indeed. I think we all feel like a pretty small clan — and it in the grand scheme of U.S. decorating, we are — so it’s always fun to bump into another reader.

Ahhhh, wallpaper. I am the blogger world’s #1 promoter of wallpaper for its decorative and transformational powers. So you get my waytogo Rebecca and Keith. Way to go!

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  1. Andi says:

    I love the wallpaper! I remember when it was featured on RR, and also mentally stashed the image for future reference. It looks great in your bedroom, such a happy combination of colors and shapes, and a perfect complement to your furnishings. Nice!!

  2. Robin, NV says:

    It’s amazing how much more bright the space looks now. Even the bedspread looks more colorful! What a simple way to make a bedroom more appealing.

    My bedroom has dark faux wood paneling on one wall (the “headboard” wall). I didn’t like it at first but now, after 5 years, it’s really grown on me. It makes my room seem deeper and bigger somehow. Otherwise, I think my bedroom would look kind of blah too.

  3. Roundhouse Sarah says:

    The wallpaper adds so much depth and dimension to the room, it feels like you added square footage! Beautiful paper, beautiful job!

  4. Marilyn says:

    I love the way the wallpaper “wakes up” the room! I’m not a huge fan of wallpaper, mainly because it’s more work to make a change, but this is great! I have begun stripping the wallpaper from the tiny kitchen of my FLOH (Funky, Little, Old House built in 1926). I’m on a shoestring budget so I’m doing everything myself. I’ve decided the previous owner must have put up wallpaper to cover the problems with the plaster/lath walls – cracks, holes, etc. Even though RetroRenovation is geared to midcentury homes, I love coming here for inspiration, and you DO have information available on older homes too, and I thank you so much for it!

  5. Tom says:

    Do you know how to get this wallpaper in the US? Every site I look on states that the wallpaper cannot be shipped to the U.S. I’ve been looking for this wallpaper for my dining room. Any recommendations?

      1. ScottG says:

        Any update on the availability of Sanderson wallpapers in the United States? I just tried to obtain samples from wallpaperdirect.com but they decline to ship any Sanderson product stateside.

        Finding a way to bring this over here would be tremendously helpful as I have a wall in my kitchen that *needs* Dandelion Clocks in blue and yellow!

  6. Karin Jeffrey says:

    I live in Toronto, Canada, and went to a Benjamin Moore affiliate store (it’s complicated), where they had tons of wallpaper sample books. The store’s owner located the pattern within minutes, and was able to give me a price and how much I need for my accent wall. I ordered $5 samples of both the fabric and wallpaper. The fabric arrived in 2 days, and the wallpaper sample is coming in a week. I hung the fabric sample on my wall, and it looks beautiful. I think the wallpaper pattern is the same size, but I’m not 100% positive, so I’ll wait. The other option is to order online from Wallpaper Direct. I’m deciding that now.
    Because I live in Canada, when I order online, I have to factor in if it’s worth it in terms of the money conversion, shipping etc. Hope this helps.

  7. Mary Elizabeth says:

    Lovely room. You’re right–the wallpaper transformed it. The fan looks nice, too. I love ceiling fans, even though they are not mid-century, because they distribute the cool air better than floor or table fans and save on A/C energy.

    But the fans everybody started buying in the ’80s and ’90s don’t always match our mid-century look. For some reason, the so-called “traditional” style ones have a Victorian look to them. However, did you know that if you have a good quality one with a lighting fixture in the center that you don’t like, you can sometimes get parts in the lighting store to change it? We have done that with those Victorian looking fans with the ornate glass, flower-like shades. We have one that has the light portion removed and a blank hub put in, which also raised the height of the fan in our low-ceiling house. Another one we purchased from the lighting store and asked if we could ditch the not-so-attractive lights on display in the showroom, and we were sold a different light kit that has a simple half-dome light shade instead.

    Also, there are some less expensive modern ceiling fans that might look cool in your MCM house. Here’s one:


    And as Pam always says, if you don’t have expertise in the area, get a licensed professional to advise you on placing and mounting your fan. It is heavier than a light fixture and needs a special mount.

    Don’t be afraid of ceiling fans. You can stay cool and still BE cool–MCM-wise. 🙂

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