One accent wall of wallpaper — transforms Rebecca and Keith’s bedroom

midcentury modern bedroom before afterWe’ve featured Rebecca and Keith’s kitchen remodel…. and their bathroom remodel… but this transformation was much easier: What a difference an accent wall can make. And when it’s papered in lovely Sanderson wallpaper — even better.

midcentury modern bedroom
Rebecca first spotted this wallpaper — Sanderson’s Dandelion Clocks — when we wrote about its introduction in 2012. Given all the other, more urgent projects in the queue, it took a while for her to get to this one.She writes:

I know the story isn’t huge, BUT the thing about the project that is so great is that it was a pretty small project that made a really big impact on my daily life!  Just one wall of gorgeous wallpaper, and three walls of paint, and the room is TRANSFORMED.  It’s so calming and wonderful to go to every night.  🙂 I can’t even believe it’s the same room!  Wallpaper is a beautiful thing.

The wallpaper is Sanderson wallpaper, Dandelion Clocks.  The other three walls are a nice green.  This is the room that is adjoining to the new bathroom, hence the green.

All of the furniture and table lights are IKEA, btw.  And I love Kandinsky which happens to fit my decor.  The ceiling fan is awesome.  The Modern Fan Company.  I SCOURED the internet for a non-offensive ceiling fan that wouldn’t break me financially.  We are slowly replacing all four h****** fans that were in the house.

sanderson dandelion clocks
Also btw, in a separate email — before she  she had shared:

I just had the Sanderson wallpaper put up.  The woman and I were chatting about this and that and linoleum, etc etc.  Then, she says “have you ever gone to Retro Renovation?”  Cool, huh?!

Yes, very cool, indeed. I think we all feel like a pretty small clan — and it in the grand scheme of U.S. decorating, we are — so it’s always fun to bump into another reader.

Ahhhh, wallpaper. I am the blogger world’s #1 promoter of wallpaper for its decorative and transformational powers. So you get my waytogo Rebecca and Keith. Way to go!

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