Day n Night Markers — Midcentury house name and address plaques in production since 1949

day-n-night-house-markers-retroEpic discovery: Where to buy “Day-n-Night” aluminum house name and address plates — just like we’ve seen in the back of golly every 1950s magazine ever — made on the same machinery — in the same factory — by the same company that has been making them continuously since 1949 — an epic 65 years! ” width=”750″ height=”1709″>Epic discovery: Brilliant readers Caryn and Nina have discovered where we can still buy aluminum “Day-n-Night” house name and address plates — just like we’ve seen in the back of golly every 1950s magazine ever. And these  retro house plaques are not “reproductions” — they are made using the same process, and pretty much all the same machinery, by the company of the same name that has been making them continuously since 1949. Hey, and I think they are quite affordable, too.

2021 UPDATE:

I had a lovely call with the company yesterday. Everything is running smoothly, and orders are typically being delivered within 4-6 weeks. (There were some hiccups in production a while ago while moving locations and getting equipment installed and up and running again.) 

The company told me that orders may be processed even sooner. That’s because they wait to produce a run of orders until they have a certain number of orders in hand.  The process to make these has a lot of steps, and sounds like it is what I call “high-touch” rather than “high-tech.”

This is an old timey product, and the company continues to do business the old timey way. Right now: No website. You need to call to get an order form — leave your address on the message to get the order form by mail. Payment is by check. See contact info below to get an order form. Prices are still the same as they were in 2014!

midcentury-house-number-brochurehouse-nameplate-spears-brochure-1979Yes, Spear Engineering Company of Colorado Springs, Colo., is still powering up their decades-old machines to stamp out metal mailbox, lamp post and lawn address plates to send all across America.

No website — read on for how to get these plaques

But take note, dear readers, because this company is so old-school that they don’t have a website and don’t advertise an email address. Yes, they do have voice mail — but note, it is my experience that they take you a while to call back.

Want to see the designs? The prices?  The complete brochure and 2014 prices (confirmed as still in effect in 2021) are at the bottom of this story. 


Caryn and Nina462 made the discovery

Super mega thanks to readers Caryn, then Nina462, for uncovering and sharing this amazing find. The journey-of-discovery started when Nina462 posted a wishful comment in our story about Mod Box midcentury modern mailbox reproductions. Caryn responded, then… well, here you go with the discovery trail:

Commenting on the new ModBox story, Nina462 said:

Just what I was looking for! I’ll be sure to order one…. Now, I’d like the fancy lettering that one used to be able to buy. It was black, and was on top of the mail box, sometimes it was the name or the address….According to my old catalogues/magazines they were made in Colorado. Of course, that was in the 1950’s.

Advertisement from 1951, spotted in the back of a home magazine – from Nina462’s archive

Caryn replied to Nina462:

Nina, you’re in luck! I drooled over those ads in my 50s & 60s Better Homes & Gardens mags for a while, then after much google time, I found the exact same company who still makes the SAME designs!! The company is Spear Engineering in Colorado Springs, Colorado, and you can reach them at (719) 471-9850. I talked to a sweet lady named Judy and ordered an address/name topper for our mailbox. From what I understood, it’s only a few people who work there, so be patient if you do place an order. It took a while to get it, but it’s soooo worth the wait!!

I just tried looking them up and cannot find the website anymore with the designs pictured, so I hope they are still in business. It was March 2013 when I ordered mine. Good luck!

Pam & Kate, this might make a great follow-up story to go along with these mod mailboxes ;)

Next Nina462 got all tenacious and tracked ’em down and followed up to let us know:

Pam/Kate……I contacted Spears Mfg., by sending them a copy of an old advert & asked them if they still make the nameplates…..they DO!! They responded by sending me an order form for their Day N Night glow in the dark markers.

I will be sending you a scanned copy of this!!

And so she did. And here we are.


day-n-night-house-markers-retroday-n-night-house-markers-retroday-n-night-house-markers-retroHistory: Spear Engineering — maker of Day-n-Night Markers since 1949

For this story, I also contacted Spear Engineering. I left a voice mail and within a few days, owner Spencer Katalin called me back. We had a delightful chat. I warned him he might get 100 orders in one day once this story runs. He didn’t seem phased — bring ’em on!

Katalin bought the company in 1991 from the son of the original owner. According to one of the old brochures that Katalin sent me, the company was started in 1949. Katalin told me that the presses used to make the house plates came from the Denver Press (which printed money) and Canyon City Prison, which printed license plates. Yes: Come to think of it, these Day-n-Night house plaques are much like license plates!

Today, decades later, the business endures and is going strong. Katalin told me that the company still manufactures the Day-n-Night Markers on the same machinery… the same way… they have for decades. The letters and/or numbers are embossed-to-order onto aluminum plaques (one for each side)… then each placard is painted black… then the raised embossed lettering is painted white, with paint that includes beads that make it reflective. Finally, the placard is mounted onto the mill finish aluminum holder ordered. This is the same kind of aluminum that we see on vintage and new mill finish metal screen doors.

retro house marker spears
Spear Engineering owner Spencer Katalin says that this design of Day-n-Night Marker — the NM, which sits ona mailbox — is a best-seller, along with the EOM, the double-placard mailbox marker.

Today, Spear Engineering’s business also includes metal caskets. At first I thought, ‘That must be the lion’s share of their business now.’ But, no. Katalin said that about half of the company’s business is selling the Day-n-Night Markers. The big market is among mobile home parks. The mobile home parks know about Spear Engineering from word of mouth — tradition about where to get these placards is passed from one manager to the next and the orders just keep coming in.


Day-n-Night Markers description, from the Spear Manufacturing brochure today:

DAY-n-NIGHT — America’s most popular markers provide accurate, attractive, distinctive identification for millions of homes. Your name shines in lights at night and with distinction identifies your home to callers — Day and Night. Your wording custom-embossed in solid aluminum plates. Long plates (18″ x 2.5″) can have 17 letters and numbers; short plates (7″ x 2.5″) can have 6 letters and numbers. Same both sides. White reflector-beaded headlight bright letters on black baked enameled aluminum. Scrolls and frame also aluminum– rustproof. Installs in a jiffy. Any wording you want in letters 1.5″ high. Order today and see why Day-n-Night are America’s most popular markers.

An amazing vestige of postwar America domestic material culture

Day-n-Night house plates: These things must have been wicked popular: They are embossed into my visual DNA — just as they have been embossed into aluminum for decades. To be sure, ordering then installing one of these name and address house plaques must have been the icing on the cake to the many millions of first-time homeowners in post-World War II America! The icing on the cake of the American Dream.

Now, we can help revive the market for these Day-n-Night markers among owners of mid-century modern — and more likely, mid-century modest — house. As it should be. I think I will order two: “NB” — Retro Renovation / Pam and Retro Renovation / Kate. For our home offices. “Retro Renovation” is 16 characters — just one under the max — it was meant to be.

This discovery just absolutely positively rocks my world.

How to order Day-n-Night markers from Spear Engineering:


  • Spencer Katalin sent us the 2014 price list (confirmed as still in place in February 2021) — we have put it into pdf form for your easy access — open it here.
  • To get the order form by mail:
  • Call Spear directly…
  • You can reach them by phone at (719) 471-9850 for the form and to ask any questions.
  • If you get voice mail, the company recommends leaving your mailing address so that they can pop an order form into the mail for you.
  • To see the model numbers of the various plaque designs, click on our photos in this story – they will enlarge on screen.

Slide show:


  1. James says:

    I ordered mine earlier this year and they arrived today. They look beautiful. It took several months so you just have to be patient. I called, left a message. Weeks later they called back and then they mailed and order form, I mailed it back. It’s not like amazon, lol, but the product is amazing. The hardware for the signs comes in a little envelope that looks like it was printed in the 50s.

  2. Mike Aukstakalnis says:

    I just wanted to let you know I did receive my marker on 3/9/2020 it did take about 8 months but I couldn’t be happier!

  3. George says:

    I planned to buy one in early 2018 but there was info. on here then sfrom users saying they (Spear) were not responding. I left 2 messages and did wait about 2 weeks for an answer, but they were still around.
    I posted here what I had found but my comment wad later deleted for some reason…

    I got sidetracked and forgot to order my plaque until recently, but I do still want one…
    So I checked for info. here again and again there is info saying they are closed.
    I googled, and it shows a street view of their building and says permanently closed.
    I just called today…11/5/19. I spoke to the owner, Spencer. He says they moved (so who told google to show they are out of business?) And they are not going to be up and running for about a month.
    He says he has a number of orders to fill.
    I want to get one so I will try them in a month and report back here like others have, if I complete a deal finally. At best they are difficult to reach but seem very nice.

    1. Christopher says:

      I did too, oddly enough the family business has been focusing on manufacturing metal caskets but I think they still have the old sign stamping equipment to make Signs(it’s still working with metal), it’s just not a full time
      activity. Somebody local should buy the machine/equipment from them and keep the brand alive since the demand is there and ordering is easier now on the web.

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