Our first-ever The Hard Way Lifetime Achievement Award — to Mike and Lindsey

the hard wayHard-way-award-Mike and Lindsey, did you think that we forgot you, when we announced the our The Hard Way Awards for 2014 Kitchen Remodel and Bathroom Remodel? No way! We saved you up so that we can honor you with our first-ever Retro Renovation The Hard Way Award – for Lifetime Achievement. Longtime readers will of course recognize Mike and Lindsay, they are avid mid-century enthusiasts — and they have spent a lot of time contributing to this blog… to this community, via their remodeling projects since 2012.

Renovating their 1964 Edward Durell Stone “House of Good Taste”

House of Good tasteTruly epic, in 2014 they purchased and renovated a 1964 Edward Durell Stone “House of Good Taste.”

Some photos from that project… which included restoring original terrazzo flooring in the living room and dining room… installing poured concrete floors in adjacent spaces… gut-remodeling the kitchen… and creating gorgeous wood doors and shelving:



Gentle remodels to two 1949 pink bathrooms

Mike and Lindsey have been with us since 2012, thought. They were first bit by the bug — by pink bathrooms, of course!

decorate pink bathroom


No pressure, Mike and Lindsey, but what’s next? Ummmm…. maybe just simply enjoying the new/1964 house? Yes!

Congratulation and thank you again, for all your generous contributions to the blog! xoxo

  1. Janice says:

    I was lucky enough to tour your lovely home in an architectural tour a few weeks ago with my best friend Peggy. We love knowing that we got to see this beautiful gem up close and personal. You did a wonderful job! Congratulations. I hope you enjoy living here for many years!

  2. Mary Elizabeth says:

    Congratulations to Mike and Lindsey. Nobody deserves this more than they do, and how clever of Pam to think up a special award for those that go beyond restoring a bathroom or kitchen. Nice job all around!

  3. Marie says:

    Mike and Lindsey… Cheers to a job exceptionally well done!!! So, so, gorgeous. Love to live vicariously through others beautiful mid-mods!!

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