Just one place now to get new pink and pastel toilets and sinks — Peerless

colorful toiletsAnd then there was one. Gerber has officially ceased producing their specialty toilet colors: Bahama Pink, Dawn Blue, Silver and Jamaican Beige. That leaves us only one source for new pastel-color toilets, Peerless.

2021 UPDATE: Pastel colored sinks and toilets NO LONGER AVAILABLE from either Peerless or Gerber. (It seems that Peerless closed down completely in Dec. 2020.) Stay tuned, though, the former distributor for Peerless is looking for another option for pastel colored potties and sinks — fingers crossed.

Gerber discontinues production of its pastel fixtures, including a reader favorite Bahama Pink

Gerber halted production on these four colors about a year ago due to lack of demand, and according to company spokespeople, there is only limited stock of these colors left, and no more will be produced. If you have been planning to replace or remodel your bathroom using one of these colors from Gerber, the time to try and track one down is now

Kate’s Gerber Viper toilet in Bahama Pink.

We first learned of this news from reader Nancy, who tried to order a Bahama Pink Gerber toilet to replace the pink potty in her vintage bathroom.

Nancy writes:

After all the great ideas and encouragement regarding my dilemma with my bathroom outfitted with its original “pink furniture,” I did “embrace the pink.”  The next step was ordering a pink toilet from Gerber (thanks to all the comments & help from your followers).

A phone call to Gerber provided me with details, cost, style #’s, etc. and instructions that the order had to be made via a plumbing contractor. I knew production was to be about 10 weeks. Fast forward to last week when I thought I should be hearing something. A call to Gerber was answered with the need for the PO number in order to track it.

A call to the plumbing contractor produced the words I did not want to hear. He said he had been told by Gerber the PO was cancelled (he no longer has the #) because they were no longer manufacturing “Bahama Pink” toilets!  Of course, none of this info has filtered down to the Internet.

Obviously, I am now very disappointed.  A few inquiries produced small leads with extremely outrageous prices for original Porcelain Thrones or parts thereof.  Guess I could purchase a white one & hire an artist to paint pink flamingoes on it!

Woe is me…..and a look towards Plan B….which needs to be fast tracked as there is a growing crack in the pink tank. A small crack, several months ago, was the catalyst for this journey that has now stalled at a dead-end road.

I checked in with my contact at Gerber, Toni LeNoir, Marketing Analysis, Fixtures, who confirmed the bad news.

Toni writes:

We will continue to manufacture VC products in white, and most items in biscuit (-09) and select sku’s in bone/wheat (-25). It was decided last year to discontinue the premium colors for all VC products. The demand just wasn’t there for the premium colors.

pink sink
Gerber rotunda style lav sink, model number 12-894-21

Toni also noted that this color discontinuation includes lavatory sinks. That means that the only colors of vitreous china products made by Gerber from this point out will be white, biscuit and bone/wheat.

Knowing our readers will want to snap up any remaining stock, I asked Toni how the average homeowner could get ahold of any remaining specialty color stock. Toni said the best way to check availability is to contact the Customer Care Department for stock availability at 1-866-538-5536 to check stock status for any of Gerber’s products.

Gerber HE-21-519 Viper 1.28 ErgoHeight Compact Elongated toilet

Trying to locate and purchase a Gerber toilet or lavatory sink in Bahama Pink, Dawn Blue, Silver or Jamaican Beige?

  • Contact the Customer Care Department at Gerber 1-866-538-5536 to check stock status
  • Try Decor Island 1-800-440-5919 — several readers have been able to purchase specialty color toilets through Decor Island. This is where I ordered the Gerber Viper Bahama Pink toilet for my retro bathroom. I recommend calling, as the customer service department is very helpful and should be able to tell you if they can get you what you need right away. Note: We’re now seeing these toilets listed for sale via Decor Island and another company online – for $750. Yes, when something becomes rare, the price goes up. 

Still looking for a colorful toilet — try Peerless

Colorful toilets
As of 6/1/15, I contacted Matt Ford, National Sales Manager at Peerless Pottery who tells me that all of their fixtures except those crossed out on the graphic above are available in all of their colors — including 19 toilet styles, 2 pedestal sinks, 1 undermount sink, 2 drop in sinks and 4 wall mount sinks. See Peerless Pottery’s online catalog for more information on available styles.

Don’t forget about Peerless Pottery, which (as of 6/1/15) still offers several colors of sinks and toilets including Bone, Venetian Pink, Glacier White, Biscuit, Beige, Sterling Silver, Dresden Blue and Harvest Gold. This is now the only place we know of where you can buy a newly produced toilet in retro colors.

2021 UPDATE: Pastel colored sinks and toilets NO LONGER AVAILABLE from either Peerless or Gerber. Stay tuned, though, the former distributor for Peerless is looking for another option.

    1. Pam Kueber says:

      Juan, I don’t sell anything — the place(s) to get these are written about in the story.

  1. Brandon C says:

    Just ordered dawn blue Gerber toilet from Decor Island. They said “it was the last one.” $660 with seat. I too reviewed the Peerless catalog and when you drill down on availability it wasn’t clear if they had this color – but I did not call them. I will send picture when installed . Thanks for your help, Pam and Kate!

  2. Caroline says:

    I called Gerber this morning & they have both the Silver & Blue elongated in stock, so I’m going to find a local place that can order them in & get them ordered ASAP!

  3. Ned says:

    It looks like Decor Island still has both the Gerber 1.2 gallon flush and the 1.6 in a variety of colors. They also sell the two pieces separately, tank and bowl, for a significantly lower price. Being unfamiliar with most things plumbing, I don’t know if that means the tank is empty of parts, or if bolts are not included, etc. Any thoughts? Can’t otherwise understand the 200.00 – 400.00 price difference.

  4. la523 says:

    So has anyone installed a color Peerless toilet and can they report if they flush cleanly (like the Gerber does – I have one)?

    Besides being available in colors, I liked that the Gerber was a taller “comfort height” and managed to fit a larger, elongated bowl without extending any further from the back wall than a typical round-bowl toilet. Is there a colored Peerless like this?

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