Colorful trim for your cafe curtains, valance or window shade — Beauti-Vue has an enormous stash of New Old Stock

decorative retro trimNot only does Beauti-Vue have an amazing selection of New Old Stock (NOS) materials to make retro woven wood blinds and shades, their stockpile of vintage NOS brightly colored decorative edge trim to go with — or to buy separately for your own window treatment projects — was amazing. Yowza — it was a virtual rainbow of options! In fact, there is so much of this trim that I’m not even sure of how many styles and colors there are! 

shelves-of-trimTo give you an idea of the volume of trim we are talking about here, the top three rows of this massive metal shelving unit in the back of Beauti-Vue’s workshop are filled with decorative trim…

shelf-full-of-trim… and so is most of this neighboring shelving unit. They’ve tried to keep it organized by color, so if you are interested in finding a specific color of trim, it should be fairly easy for them to determine (1) if they have it, and (2) how much is available.

decorative retro trimKristin and Joy were kind enough to yank a few samples of the trim — in several styles and colors — out of the storage shelves for me to photograph. As you can see, they have a variety of vivid colors — olive green, red, harvest gold, bright yellow, blue, hot pink and emerald green just to name a few. 

vintage trimAbove: As an idea of what may be lurking in Beauti-Vue’s storage shelves, I spotted four styles of fringe in an array of colors within the pages of their vintage catalog. As you can see from my sample shots, they still have fringe style “X” and “L” in several colors, and perhaps there may be some of the other two styles remaining in their stash as well — just call and ask!

decorative retro trimThe trim itself is just gorgeous — such beautiful saturated colors!

decorative retro trim decorative retro trimPersonally, I contemplated just buying a length of trim in every color so I could ogle them, but I somehow resisted the urge. However, now that I am thinking about it, I am highly tempted to order some trim to add to the cafe curtains in my kitchen.

woven wood blindsWhen combined with the company’s stock of NOS retro woven wood blinds, this trim becomes even more fantastic — but it could also be used for many other applications including: gluing onto the tracks of their NOS plastic lollipop bead curtains, attaching it to fabric cafe curtains in a vintage style kitchen, decorating lampshades, and — what other uses can you think of?

woven wood blinds
The Harvest Gold decorative tassel trim on this woven wood Roman shade really adds a nice finishing touch, don’t you agree?

Buy this trim:

  • To be used on your custom shade or blind order.
  • Or by the yard for your own products.
  • Pricing will depends on the style and color chosen — contact the Beauti-Vue Products Corp. to check color and style availability and pricing.

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  1. Dan says:

    These trims are also good for upholstery projects such as sofas and chairs. Many of these trims were used on Hollywood Regency style or 1940’s era sofas.

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