Beauti-Vue decorative roller shade pulls — Beadangles NOS — $5 each

retro beaded curtains 1970sHave a roller shade that needs a little bling? How about New Old Stock Beadangles from Beauti-Vue’s 1970s leftover supplies? These pulls screw into the wood slat near the bottom of a roller shade for decoration mostly, we think, but you could also tug on it to pull the shade up and up and down. Hey, it was the 1970s — Put a Bead on It!retro beaded curtains 1970sBeauti-Vue had a bunch of these pulls out for me during my visit — they are Lollipop style beads, same as in the string yardage you can still order. Some were still in the original packaging, some were loose, all are groovalicious. Hmmm…. Pam is thinking: Earrings!

Pam also spotted a similar beaded window shade pull on Ebay, in what appears to be slightly older packaging.

How to order:

  • Like a number of items we have profiled in our 11-day series about Beautie-Vue, these Beadangles are not on the company’s website. They came out of the woodwork when we asked Beauti-Vue, “What else do you have besides those 48 styles of yarny retro woven wood roman shade material?” So, in terms of photos of what’s available, they are here in this story.
  • Kristin Grumbeck, sales and customer service manager, can set you up with as many Beadangles as you want — but only until the supply runs out! They are $5 each, plus shipping.
  • Give her a call via the phone number on Beauti-Vue’s website here.

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  1. Bruce says:

    My mom had these on our bathroom shade pulls; She also had each curtain cinched with beads. I recall olive green and perhaps gold in the other bathroom.

    I am considering buying vintage beads from the factory if they still have them in stock to make a door curtain. My issue is what color or colors to buy between a yellow kitchen and a midori green door landing. … or maybe they would work for a mint and black bathroom.

  2. Judy H. says:

    I love me some of those bedangles! I’d use them on some shades in my 1953 ranch, especially in my living room. They would look perfect on the shades I have in there, Don’t know about the purple or red, but some of these others…most definitely.

  3. ineffablespace says:

    I know this isn’t about the pull itself, but

    In general, I wish somebody, anybody would offer this style of textural, yarn wrapped blind, even in today’s colorless palette. (Along the lines of Modesto)

    Because not only are today’s greige colors a little “flat” but there is nothing quite as interesting texturally as these vintage styles. These have a nice contrast between the wood and the large fuzziness of the chenille that’s missing in the current offerings.

    1. pam kueber says:

      Agreed. I was actually looking for this type of blind new (not knowing about this NOS) and could not find anything.

      I also agree there are a few of the NOS designs that are not so screaming 70s, if you want to tone it down a bit, go for a more timeless look: Prairie Amber — very nice, pretty much timeless … Harvest Coffee — neutral colors, although you do get those high-contrast vertical stripes.

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