Erika makes a fabulous Halloween wreath using our Christmas ornament wreath tutorial

halloween ornament wreathAn ornament wreath — for Halloween? You bet! Reader Erika told us: “I used your awesome tutorial to make a Halloween ornie wreath!” And golly, her wreath is spookylicious wonderful!  

halloween ornament wreathMake a Halloween ornament wreath:

Erika shares her sourcing tips:

Using [click>> your awesome tutorial << Imade three Christmas ornament wreaths for myself last year. I really enjoyed making them, so after Christmas, I hit up the sales at Walmart, Hobby Lobby, and Kmart. I bought a big stockpile of ornaments to make wreaths as Christmas presents and to sell at craft fairs and possibly Etsy. I’ve also been collecting vintage ornies from garage sales all year. I’ve been making wreaths for the past few months, and I noticed I had a fair amount of black and orange ornies.

vintage ornament wreath

Since I couldn’t see using those colors for a Christmas wreath, I figured I would try my hand at a Halloween wreath. I bought a few more orange and black glass ornaments at Hobby Lobby a few weeks ago (they have their Christmas stock out already). The mini glitter balls, pumpkins, and fall leaves are also from Hobby Lobby. The raven is from Walmart. The spiders, spider web and black flowers are from the Dollar Tree. And finally, the jack-o-lantern bells are from Jo-Anne Fabrics.

I used a 12” wreath form. I like using the smaller wreath forms as they require fewer ornaments and end up feeling a bit more solid and stable.

vintage ornament wreath

I’ve also included some photos of other wreaths I’ve made if you want to feature them on the blog. Thank you again for the tutorial. They are just so fun and satisfying to make – maybe a little addicting! I’ve made 6 wreaths so far and counting. It’s such a fun challenge to get the proper mixture of color, texture, balance, and composition on each wreath. [Editor’s note: One of Erica’s delicious Kitschmas wreaths is shown above; we’ll show the rest when ’tis the season.]

Thanks for your interest and I’m really looking forward to seeing the feature. It’ll be the second for me on the blog – I was a Christmas Decorating All Star a few years ago. 🙂

Erika, your wreaths are gorgeous — you have it down!

For this project, in addition to the stores Erika mentioned, we’ve also found new and new-vintage-style ornaments Jo-Ann’s, Michaels, Wal-Mart, Big Lots and Target. Supplies you will need:

  • Orange tinsel
  • Orange and black ornaments in various sizes
  • Pumpkin ornaments
  • Autumn foilage
  • Black raven — must!
  • Black rose — love it!
  • Plastic spiders — love ’em!
  • Spider web — love it!
  • And… what other spooky ornie thingies and doohickeys can you come up with?
  • 12″ or larger styrofoam wreath form.
  • High-heat hot glue gun — Kate and I bought and like this Surebonder High-Temperature Glue Gun (affiliate link).
  • Wire for hanger.

Get to our wreath tutorial:


  1. Karen says:

    At the after the holidays sales at Hobby Lobby, I bought as many black, orange and purple as I could justify to myself ie. more than I should have, less than I wanted. Thanks for the reminder that it’s time to use them!

  2. Marvel Anne says:

    Beautiful! I noticed last week that Home Goods is selling Shiny Brite Halloween ornaments (I didn’t even know they made them). I considered making a Halloween wreath but decided against it at the time. This story is tempting me to change my mind!

  3. Carolyn says:

    This would be a good way of using ornaments that are a little too far gone – paint or glue & glitter black and grays. Or…and this is a little macabre- ie: -The Nightmare Before Christmas…spray an old wreath matte black and gray with cobwebs adorning???
    Ooooh, monster-scary, ooooh…

  4. Eileen says:

    Very cool wreath! I especially like the Raven and the spider web in the middle.

    I noticed recently that all my neighbors are going to town with Halloween decorations. I have nothing! May be time to make a wreath! 🙂

    Thanks for sharing such a neat idea!

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