Reversing a bland big box remuddle, Dana builds a vintage pink bathroom

restore-pink-bathroomReversing a blah big box bathroom remodel in her 1954 house, Dana sent the dreck to the dumpster and heck to the Mamie yeah, restored a pink bathroom in its place. It was a thrifty project, too: Dana found salvaged vintage fixtures and trim tiles, filled in the gaps with new B&W pink tiles, and then pulled everything together with DIY sweat equity. Now, her bathroom again suits her house — and, it is a good match for the other, original Ming green bathroom that, fortunately, escaped the dreaded previous-owner evil glee sledgehammer.  

midcentury bathroomDana writes:

In 2014, I bought a beautiful 1954 home with an original Ming green with cream accents bathroom suite, dove grey and pink kitchen, and a bathroom that was gutted and replaced with generic white replacements. I absolutely HATE house flippers and remodels that rip out perfect vintage personality because they think there is no resale value in the original product.

midcentury bathroommidcentury bathroom

It became a mission to retro fit the boring white bathroom with a pink suite.

midcentury bathroom

I found the perfect 1939 lowboy toilet and sink in pink on Craigslist, and had tile created to match.

midcentury bathroom

I bought burgundy tile accents, trims, toothbrush holder, soap shell, and toilet paper roll holder at B&W Tile in Riverside, California. The only thing that is untouched in this bathroom is the shower.

midcentury bathroom midcentury bathroom

We got the the mirror cabinet, mauve tile, and edge tiles from Habitat for Humanity.

midcentury bathroom midcentury bathroom

The cork flooring and lighting was installed by my boyfriend, and I collected the gold shelf cabinet and accessories.

midcentury bathroom midcentury bathroom

I put wallpaper and picture frame trim on the front of plain wood cabinets.

midcentury bathroom

The green bathroom’s cork flooring and lighting also was done by my boyfriend, the fresh coat of ceiling and cabinet paint, by my daughter and me. Otherwise, it is the same as the day I bought the house.

midcentury bathroom midcentury bathroom

My Ming green bathroom is one of the things that made me happiest about the house, and the reason I wanted to recreate a colorful pink bathroom!  I absolutely love my house!

midcentury bathroom midcentury bathroom

An appraiser came through today and said he had just walked into a time capsule. He said he never sees homes like this in our area anymore, and that is a shame. My whole neighborhood was built with the rainbow of colors.

midcentury bathroom midcentury bathroom

We even have the original light fixtures, cabinets, honey oak floors, coved ceilings. I am proud of my home.

Viva Pink!!!

Wow, Dana — both of your bathrooms are fantastic — and it is seems impossible to tell that your newly created pink and maroon bathroom isn’t original to your home. You’ve done a great job —  thanks so much for sharing your story with us! Viva la Pink — and the Ming green, too!!!

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  1. Cindy rahn says:

    Hi Dana,
    Your tilework is exceptional. Terrific job. You mentioned that you had tile made to match. Would you please share your source? I saw the B&W tiles in bisque, but where did you find a company to match the color you needed?

    I am trying to find American Standard Corallin colored tiles.

    And loved your ming bath. Shower door is priceless!!

    1. pam kueber says:

      Cindy, it’s my understanding that all of Dana’s tiles came from B&W. See this story on our research about where to find 4X4 tiles; it also includes a link to where you can see B&W colors. Note “bisque” is just a type of ceramic, I think – not a color.

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