Modbox new midcentury modern wall-mount mailbox — on Kickstarter now

midcentury-modern-mailboxFirst there was the Modbox post-mounted mailbox. Now: Company owner and entrepreneur Greg Kelly is back on Kickstarter with a second Modbox design — a wall-mount mailbox. It’s a really ingenious design that allows you to mix and match colors — and wait until you see the additional letter tray.


Above: Schematics: There are two key pieces — the box and the revolving letter holder inserted into the box.


Above: You can order the box in one color — and the letter holder in another!


Above: And there’s an optional letter tray, as well.

Some details from Kickstarter page:

Crafted in America using 20 gauge cold rolled galvanized steel that is 75% thicker than most mailboxes today.

We’ll powder coat the mailbox inside and out, baking at 400 degrees. This method is more environmentally friendly than using baked enamel.

Anodized aluminum will be used for the handle (8 gauge). Looks great with the color options!

The modbox measures 15″ long x 6″ high x 4.5″ deep.

modboxSeriously, looking at all those colorful colors — it’s like being a kid in a candy store. A candy store full of mailboxes.

Modbox on Kickstarter:

Disclosure: Modbox is an advertiser in our Midcentury Marketplace.
This story is not part of “the deal,” though.
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  1. Lylyn says:

    I would love a recessed wall box. I have existing masonry brick walls at the main entrance with an adjacent small window that I am going to close in and I would love to recess a letter box in its place. Do you the ability to make a trim that would allow this box to be recessed?

  2. Tracy says:

    I agree with another poster, please make a LOCKED version. These are sad times we are living in and after several stolen packages/letters, this has become a necessary addition for us. Thanks!

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