Hail, Pittsburgh: Come party with Pam (and her pots) on Friday night, Nov. 20

Party-with-Pam5I was vacillating, but finally said what the heck: So hello, Pittsburgh, I’ll see you in just 10 days for opening festivities of the Carnegie Museum of Art’s Peter Muller-Munk exhibit, where my New Old Stock Griswold Symbol cookware will be immortalized on display. And howdy hudee: The museum is hosting a ‘Mad Men & Martinis’ opening cocktail party on Friday night, Nov. 20, from 7-10 p.m. I’ll be there — and hope you can join me! Heck yes, I’m dressing up. I’m even planning to put on eyelashes. I’m super excited!

  • The museum tells me that 400 tickets have already been sold — so if you want to come, click here to get your tickets ASAP.

griswold-symbol--11Tomorrow: A big story on the museum exhibit. Who’s going to come? Leave a comment! We’ll use this thread to communicate. Golly, what if smarty had a party, and no one came to smarty’s party? (P.S. Super thank you to Kate for the Party-Pam-Pots-Pittsburgh poster. You gotta admit, we have some fun here.)

  1. Robin Leiss says:

    Awww man. I live in Pittsburgh and I just found out about this (Sunday morning!!!). I hope you had fun and liked our city. I love it here.

  2. Neil says:

    Have mid-cent fun! I’ll bet the appearance of you and your lashes and your name and your website at the exhibition means this online treasure-house will be even more famous and get lots and lots of new visitors.
    OH, wait a minute, that means our secret clubhouse and its Vintage-House-Arcana cognoscenti will be deluged with hordes of the hoi-poloi….and we’ll no longer get first pick of the NOS goodies revealed here just for us oddballs…I meant to say us connoisseurs.
    On the other hand, maybe there’ll be lots more woddities and fabuloddities, and ming green lavoddities uncovered by new members for us to get our collective jollies from; never too much vintageousness, I say.

  3. Mary Elizabeth says:

    Won’t be able to come to Pitt that weekend, but wishing you all a great deal of fun. I hope the exhibit lasts long enough for me to take it in later in the year.

    And remember my grandmother’s advice: if your eyelashes fall into your martini, it’s time to get a cab to your hotel. (Think about it; she didn’t mean they would come off your face first.)

  4. Jay says:

    Phewy, laid up recovering from surgery or I would be there in a heartbeat from Philly to Pburgh so I could meet my favorite blogmeister. Sounds like a good time.

    1. pam kueber says:

      Thank you, Tracy, the photo was taken about 7 years ago. oopsy, I don’t think it fits anymore! 🙂

  5. Elizabeth says:

    Thanks for the info on this. I did not know about it and was able to secure a ticket last night. While I have a dress, you are really stepping it up a huge notch with eyelashes! LOL

    Thanks again. This sounds so fun!

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