A 1961 Shasta Airflyte trailer putz house DIY — free downloadable pattern

mini travel trailer christmasFor my final putz house design of 2015, Pam prodded me to create a mini vintage travel trailer inspired by the relaunch of the 1961 Shasta Airflyte trailer last September. Time to add some new elements to our growing Christmas Village subdivision!

mini travel trailer christmasThis little travel trailer has a secret underneath it — an opening for you to place over your flameless tea light.

mini travel trailer christmasSince the trailer is not anchored to the felt snow, I created a little forest scene, complete with several species of trees, and some miniature deer who are stopping by to investigate this visitor.

mini travel trailer christmasAssembly tips for this design:

  • Use lightweight cardboard (from cereal boxes or similar) or heavy weight card stock for this design. Skip the too thick cardboard boxes, which become too bulky to create the curve of the front, roof and back of the trailer.
  • No metallic silver paint? Use aluminum foil to create the chrome.
  • Once all pieces are cut out and painted, make sure to glue the wheels to each side before attaching the bottom of the trailer.
  • I attached the sides to the bottom first, then started at the back of the trailer and attached it to both sides, working my way slowly to the front.
  • Getting cardboard or card stock to curve in the right places can be tricky! Make sure to go slow — also, snow (glitter) can hide many sins. This is a difficult design to assemble folks! Pam says that for the curved top/front/back portion, she might try a coffee cup sleeve that is sort of pre-corrugated to curve easily.

mini travel trailer christmas mini travel trailer christmasAfter seeing my initial photos of the mini travel trailer putz, Pam said, “This needs a little something more!” and she searched out this flashing holiday lights necklace from Amazon that can be either draped over the top of the camper or arranged around the base. Once my necklace came in the mail, I could see that only one in three of the lights lights up, still, it’s a pretty addition.

mini travel trailer christmas mini travel trailer christmas mini travel trailer christmasWhat do you think? Cuteness overload?

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  1. Wendellyn Plummer says:

    Auto body pinstriping tape may work also. Some even comes with sparkle. Just a suggestion. You can find this at Walmart, Hobby Lobby and most auto body shops will give you some.

  2. Grimm says:

    It is funny you did a retro camper this year! I started my putz planning back in November and found some paper model plans for some vintage style trailers at http://www.ourboler.com. I printed them out to scale with the houses I have built (from your templates). I am going to build a small trailer part scene next year with a few campers from the plans I printed.

    Here is the link…

    1974 Boler

    Vintage Shasta

    BTW I also made a non-house for my putz village this year. It is retro (from the 1960s and the UK) and I had to light it with LEDs because of the size. I’d love to share a picture once I am finished adding the trees to the scene.

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