Le Creuset’s midcentury-inspired Oasis collection — including the new hibiscus pink!

pink kitchenwareColor, color, color! Are we just imagining things, or are we seeing a return of pretty colors in home decor available from mainstream market manufacturers? Well — here’s hoping!

The latest evidence: Le Creuset’s new Oasis Collection.

I’ve always been a fan of Le Creuset, so when I received their latest email blast promoting their midcentury ‘Oasis’ collection, it piqued my interest. The collection combines three of their existing colors: Soleil, Palm and Caribbean with a new color — and it’s pink! ‘Hibiscus’ is a light midcentury pink that would look oh-so-cute in a vintage kitchen, maybe even one with our Retro Renovation® by Wilsonart® First Lady Pink boomerang countertops? Squee!


From the Le Creuset website:

A Bright New Paradise
In midcentury America, a new kind of optimism swept the nation. From Palm Beach to Palm Springs, people everywhere lit tiki torches, mixed cocktails and let the party spill out onto the patio. The backyard became the suburban paradise. On patios and by pools, open-air entertaining captivated the country as hosts embraced outdoor cooking and exotic island flavors in their own personal oases.

pink kitchenware

Tiki Torches Not Included
The crisp, refreshing shades of Oasis mingle effortlessly in any combination, just like guests at a great party. And what does a great party require? People to gather, food to share and a place to relax. Decades after midcentury’s heyday, the backyard still makes a perfect escape — and the timeless allure of outdoor entertaining still draws us all outside.

pink kitchenware

Cocktails by the Pool? Yes, Please.
As part of our celebration of all things midcentury, we redesigned our pitcher with a clean, modern sensibility. Grab a long bar spoon and channel your inner mixologist, or simply fill it with your favorite lemonade.

What do you think, dear readers: Are happy retro pastels — including Mamie Eisenhower-inspired pinks — making a comeback?!

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  1. John says:

    Buyer beware…Le Crueset cast iron pieces are still made in France but all their other items (ceramics, etc) are cheaply produced in China or Thailand.

  2. Karen Hyde says:

    Yippee!!! Finally a pink spatula to replace the one I got from Williams Sonoma about 10 years ago in their Valentine’s collection. Haven’t found a similar pink pastel since. Many thanks for the heads up!

    1. pam kueber says:

      I think this pink in the new Le Creuset is one of Pantone’s colors this year — so I bet we see more of it in housewares this season.

  3. Joe Felice says:

    Wouldn’t it really be something if someone would manufacture appliances in those exact-same colors? Maybe that could be your (Pam and Kate) next collaborative project, and we’ll see some results displayed at next year’s show!

  4. Amy Dietz says:

    My grandmother’s generation got beautiful pastels like these. They got built-to-last, not builder grade. They got color, “atomic starbursts” and pink bathrooms. What did my mom’s generation get? Country geese, and lots of them. My generation got a McMansion painted beige inside and out.

    No wonder mid-century design and color is so popular again.

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