Where to buy new pink, blue, beige and harvest gold toilets

retro toiletPeerless now seems to be the only company manufacturing toilets in midcentury colors. This is an important resource for many Retro Renovators, fingers crossed the pipeline stays in place!


I contacted Matt Ford, President of Peerless Pottery, to inquire about which of their products were available in color. He replied:

retro toiletThe model of toilets we offer in colored pieces is (7160, 7660, and 7668) and we now have a nationwide supplier for us.  The company name is Trumbull Industries. We offer Dresden Blue, Harvest Gold, Venetian Pink, Beige, Bone, Silver, and Biscuit.

Update May 24, 2016: Trumbull directed reader Ashley to find their products on this site: Bath 1. Ashley advises to also look on the homepage for discount codes. Thanks, Ashley!

retro toilet retro toiletSinks in color, too — “maybe”

According to their catalog, Peerless doesn’t offer any of their sinks in colors other than white or bone, however when I asked Matt about getting their sinks in colors, he replied:

We offer all of them, however, availability is not very high since we do not have many requests. It would be best to call Trumbull Industries and have them place one on their next order. If they get enough requests they may begin stocking them.

Note the caveat: “If” they get enough requests they “may” begin stocking them.

Fortunately: We think that it’s going to be a lot easier finding a pink sink — vintage, than finding a working pink toilet vintage — and even then, a vintage toilet is likely not going to be low-flow.

sinksSo folks, if any of your are planning to build or restore a pink bathroom using new fixtures, there’s your options.

  • An UPDATE (2/26/2106) from reader ASHLEY: “We called Trumbull Industries and they directed us to Bath1, where they said consumers can purchase these retro colored toilets. We searched for “Pottery” and they came right up! They also have a 5% coupon available to use right now!” Thank you, Ashley, we see them!
  • Peerless Pottery’s online catalog
  • Another possibility: Contact Trumbull Industries at their main office in Warren, OH: 1-800-477-1799. Matt tells me that Peerless Pottery has just sent their first truckload to Trumbull Industries this week, so you’ll have the best luck by calling the main branch in Warren, OH and asking for Jim Nagy, who may be the best person to help you with pricing and ordering information at this time.
  • Want a new old stock bathtub — in color? Try this supplier.

  1. Pam Kueber says:

    I don’t know of any dark blue toilets made new today. I believe you will have to hunt this down vintage. Don’t let them break it!

  2. Karen (vinitgchik) says:


    I’m looking to buy a Peerless Pink Madison toilet. However, when I look at pictures online, it seems that the angled front of the tank is now rounded. I’ve sent an email asking about this but wanted to see if you knew if they changed the tanks on all their toilets. I really hope not as I am not a fan of the rounded front tank :/

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