Kristen and Paul’s midcentury modest Florida getaway

retro ranch houseKristin-and-PaulKristen and Paul are at it again. Winner of 2014 Hard Way Award for their fabulous aqua bathroom, built from scratch, they recently bought a winter home in Florida and redecorated with their own coloful, mix-it-up — and affordable — retro style. It’s kind of … perfect — built in 1959, just 1,000 s.f.. Let’s take a peek! 

Hi Pam and Kate!

Just wondering if you’d like to take a peek at photos from our MCModest Florida vacation home as I had mentioned when you featured our 40s bathroom a while back. We just put the final touches together this winter & we’re pretty happy with how it turned out.

midcentury furniture

I have a health condition called Ehlers-Danlos syndrome which causes a profound amount of premature joint pain. Since warm weather helps my joint pain and we have home businesses that can travel… The next logical step was to spend our winters in sunny Florida. So after scouring Zillow for about six months, we honed in on a small town in central Florida away from the beaches and tourist attractions so that it was affordable and a peaceful rural setting.

midcentury furniture midcentury furniture retro art retro-lamp midcentury furniture retro-gallery-wall

We’ve just put the final touches on our vacation home this winter after purchasing it last year. It’s a great little 1959 home with 1,000 sq ft.… Much different than our large 1899 Foursquare home in Indiana, but we are so in love with it. It has not been tampered with too much and still has great mid century features including asymmetrical roof, jalousie windows and a pink bathroom!

retro-wall-plaques midcentury furniture midcentury furniture

Honestly, the home did not need much true “renovating”. We knew with my health issues, that we weren’t up for a complete fixer-upper like before and this house was the perfect blank canvas to move in to and start decorating. I was drawn to the (faux) wood floors, location (there’s a big beautiful lake one block over), and let’s be honest… the pink bathroom pretty much sealed the deal!

bedroom midcentury furniture midcentury furniture midcentury furniture midcentury furniture vintage furniture

We furnished the house very quickly. We purchased the house in August ’14 and took a furniture truck down that October so that the home would be furnished and ready when we came back down in January. Such a contrast from our Indiana home which took nearly a decade to carefully remodel and decorate! But I have to admit it was kind of fun to throw together instant decor all at once in a frenzy. Luckily, I already had 40–50% of the furnishings hoarded away in my attic and garage… Don’t ever pass up the perfect MCM piece while thrifting… It does pay off to be a hoarder sometimes! 🙂

old-bathroom-vanity2 vintage bathroom vintage bathroom tile vintage-bathroom-fish vintage bathroom vintage-fabric retro-bathroom

Some of the minor projects we tackled were pulling out the wood sink cabinet base the previous owners had installed in the bathroom, restoring a rusty set of vintage lawn furniture, and adding lots of paint to brighten things up!

porch-vintage porch-iron-work vintage patio furniture vintage patio furniture vintage patio furntiure midcentury windows

The porch area is where I spend a lot of my time relaxing. It is a peaceful little space that looks out to the beautiful tropical foliage that was planted by the previous owners. There is also a beautiful Tabebuia tree out front that blooms bright yellow blossoms every March.

vintage kitchen vintage kitchen vintage kitchen vintage kitchen retro windows jalousie

There are still a few projects I would like to tackle. We need to change the kitchen cabinet handles over to vintage chrome ones, replace the front door with a mid century modern style, and make the exterior of the house look more atomic rather than folksy. But we are not in a big hurry and know that when the time comes… Your site will be there to guide us to the right resources!

Thanks again for letting us share our little home away from home on your site!  We are so happy with how the Florida house turned out and are no longer dreading Indiana winters 😉

List of resources for the Florida house:


  • Aqua blue kitchen walls: Valspar High Tide 283–3 (Lowe’s)
  • Gray living room walls: Valspar Hazy Stratus 4004-1c (Lowe’s)
  • Master bedroom walls: Teal Zeal B58-5 Olympic (Lowe’s)

vintage kitchen

  • Kitchen Tulip table: Flea market find
  • Kitchen chairs: 2 from Lexmod and 2 were purchase from our local Bargain Hunt closeout store on clearance

midcentury retro clock

  • Sunbeam reproduction colorblock clock: Jetsetretro Design on Etsy
  • Charcoal gray sofa: Kroehler sectional from Value City… (Had my heart set on a Joybird, but maybe next time 😉
  • Bamboo Roman shades: Home Depot
  • Living room drapes: Target.com
  • bedroom midcentury furniture midcentury furniture midcentury-bedspreadMaster BR Duvet Cover: Dot&Bo
  • Everything else was either thrifted or found on Craigslist, Ebay or Etsy
Your Florida home is just dreamy Kristen and Paul! If it were my house, I’d spend a lot of time out on that lovely porch, too. Mega thanks for sharing your latest project with us.
At home in Indiana

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  1. Gayla E. says:

    Your adorable Florida house took me way back home!! You did a great job turning it into a fab and fun vintage show place. The bathroom is such a gem….you’re so lucky to have found this house. Good luck on future endeavors!

  2. Lynn says:

    Thanks for sharing your beautiful remodel with us! I looked at your kitchen in amazement. We have a ranch home at the shore and your kitchen setup is exactly like ours; the positioning of every cabinet including the shelf above the sink, the wall oven and countertop stove, and table in front of a large window. What a great job you did! Simply beautiful!

  3. Carolyn says:

    I clicked on the link to your Indiana house and remembered looking at that (during Pam and Kate’s summer vacation last year) and thinking “What a score!” You said, “I still dream of fixing up a long & lean rambling 1950s ranch one day” – is your theme song “Our Day Will Come”?
    If Dear Readers haven’t already, check out the article link – fun!

    1. Kristen Gubbins says:

      Hi Judy, sorry this comment is SO late…. we found most of the pillows at thrift stores or estate sales, but the yellow & white pillow was purchased on Etsy 😉

  4. Martha says:

    True artists! And how sweet that Paul and Kristen and their kids get to live in the masterpiece. Makes me smile.

  5. Lisa says:

    Your home is delightful in every way! Each room and piece make my heart sing! You have made a wonderful home for your family!

  6. Elaine Schuster says:

    I love it. The kitchen is the exact same layout as my 1963 built one, all original. Beautiful pictures show everything so clearly. We are on the Space Coast, in a non-beach town, and love it.

    Your home is so bright and cheerful, perfect for a winter retreat.

  7. lynda murray says:

    What a great house! I love the nightstand, and your kitchen table, and chairs. I was driving in Detroit recently , I live in the suburbs, and I spotted 4 of the same chairs next to a dumpster… Behind a tall chain link fence. I couldn’t figure out a way to ask for them! Such a sad story.

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