shag rugDo you have fond memories of running your toes through tall-pile shag carpet from the 1970s — and want some of your very own flashback groove pad? Well today, we profile what looks to be a terrific source — Sansom Shag Rugs. This Austin Powers-approved find comes from the ever-dynamic duo Jackie and Todd of Furnish Me Vintage. They recently completed yet another amazing project, decorating their new “Groovy Getaway” in Gatlinburg, Tenn. “We tracked down the only U.S. manufacturer of true shag rugs and ordered 2 tons of lime green and burnt orange carpet,” Jackie told me. We have a full story on the Groovy Getaway in the works, meanwhile: Who neeeeeeeeeds shag rugs or carpet?

From the Sansom Shag Rugs website:

Sansom Shag Rugs is the manufacturer of the 90 ounce, 3 inch tall pile TRUE SHAG RUG!
We specialize in the EXTRA LARGE SHAG RUGS and can Custom make virtually any size. Our ability to make you a custom size of rectangular, square, round, octagonal and U-shapes allows you to pick the cut you want. Sansom Shag Rugs use only the highest quality yarns available in Nylon and wool that allows us to present you with various textures and colors.

I called the company, and they confirmed that you can order rugs in standard sizes … or, get a custom size … or go for it with wall-to-wall. Any shape, too — and they can make the rugs very large, so don’t be afraid to ask.

The company also confirmed that all the rugs are made on-site in their Georgia location. All but the wool yarns are also Made in the USA.

I recently had a reader email me asking where to find shag rugs. I gave her this company. She replied back super-excited: They had just the yellow she was looking for, and she pounced on it. Score!

Jackie says that she and Todd also now carry the carpet at Furnish Me Vintage. “They are super nice!” Jackie said.

shag-rug-rakeP.S. I need to send Jackie my shag rug rake — shown above. I bought one at an estate sale recently! A shag rug rake! The sales sticker is still on it — it was priced $3.88, and I think the logo is K-Mart. Will wonders never cease. Thank you again for this great find, Mr. and Mrs. FMV, as usual, you rock my world!

Where to get your shag rugs:

  1. Lisa Compo says:

    It’s funny how a story about carpeting can affect us all. I find it amusing how so many positive and negative feelings can come from woven, long, synthetic fibers. Ha ha

    I remember my parent’s first house in 1973. It was a model home in English Tudor style in a new neighborhood. It had sky blue shag carpeting in the formal living room and dining room. Mom put up flocked baby blue toile wallpaper in the dining room and bought the white French Provincial furniture, with baby blue velvet seats. It was a beautiful, serene room. I remember so many gorgeous table settings and holiday dinners in that room.

    Mom would vacuum then she would rake the shag until not one sweeper mark showed then she’d leave the rake angled across the doorway so no one (me) would walk on it. LOL Another funny, warm and fond memory brought up from RetroReno. 🙂 Thanks Girls.

  2. Elizabeth from Texas says:

    Forget it–I will never be able to decide from all those FABULOUS colors!!!

  3. MissTrixi says:

    I used to work in a design center and we had a rug vendor that gave me their color way sample of a shag that they were discontinuing (and this was in 2007!). It’s been to 4 homes with me and it has made every space look fabu! I LOVE it so! With 3 pets (and now a toddler) it’s been through a lot, and I venture deep down it’s not the cleanest, but when I take the cat brush to it, it looks shagalicious!
    We’re ripping-up the boring, peach wall-to-wall in our new-to-us late 50s rambler, and I can’t wait to order a perfect shag rug for the space. Thank you for this!

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