Flamingo bed sheets and a flock more flamingo stuff at The Company Store

flamingo-bed-sheetsHot on the flamingo beat once again: The new The Company Store catalog arrived at my house and flamingos were everywhere! Flamingo sheets and duvet cover …  

flamingo-pajamas-the-company-storeFlamingo pajamas long …

summer-pajamas-flamingo-company-storeFlamingo pajamas short

flamingo-pillow-company-storeEmbroidered and appliqued flamingo accent pillow cover …

flamingo-wall-hookAnd flamingo wall hooks … hey, I’d get the white one and paint it in real flamingo colors — wouldn’t you!

  1. Mary Elizabeth says:

    Love these sheets, and I would buy them in a minute, except my vintage-style platform bed has an eight-inch mattress, and nearly all new sheets are made to fit mattresses up to 18″, so they don’t fit. I have to buy vintage sheets to fit my bed.

    Now the shortie pajamas might work. 🙂

    1. Carolyn says:

      Mary Elizabeth, before there were fitted bottom sheets, we lined up the bottom of a flat sheet with the bottom edge of the mattress, tucked the top under and then the sides. Doing it this way kept more sheet to the top so the bottom sheet would stay neat longer.
      If they’re only sold as sets, you’d either have to buy 2 sets or find a flat sheet or two (white or pull a color from the flamingos) to fit your needs.

      1. Mary Elizabeth says:

        Thanks, Carolyn. I was raised in a pre-fitted sheet, 1950s household, so I know the tricks. (Also, Dad was a wartime Army Master Sergeant who worked for the Navy after the war, so he taught us hospital/military corners when we learned to make our own beds. They were to be tight enough to bounce a quarter on.) I also know that while my mom was a stay-at-home housewife, she pulled the whole bed apart and remade it every morning, because my dad, like my DH today, was a restless sleeper. When she went back to work in the early 1960s, she bought fitted sheets with Green Stamps and was deliriously happy with them! Remember organizer Marie Kondo’s instructions to keep only those things that “spark joy”? Vintage NOS fitted sheets spark joy for me in that way. 🙂

    2. Joe Felice says:

      And those fitted sheets “made for mattresses up-to-18 inches” do NOT stay tucked in at the corners. Mine pop out every day.

  2. tammyCA says:

    I’m pretty picky about flamingos..they need to look vintage-y (not the kind wearing sunglasses & drinking beer type) and I was happy to see some outdoor fabric at Joanns that actually looks like vintage paint by number flamingo scenes. They have a soft gray ground with pinks, Aqua, green, yellow..love the look.

    Also, saw Target has some bed sheets with flamingos (and lamps), too.

  3. MsKittyMuses says:

    I just got an adorable racerback tank/shorts pajama set at Target last weekend too! They are super comfy if anyone is looking for a cute summer sleep set!

  4. nutella says:

    Oh stop. This is NOT in the budget right now, but these flamingo sheets are just demanding to be in my guest room (in FL with an “old Florida” decor theme).

  5. Sheila says:

    Fun stuff. I’m going for the doormat and will be stalking the placemats to see if they go on sale!

  6. Geronimom says:

    The flamingo wall hooks would like great with my “flamingo” (or are they actually herons – who knows?! ) shower doors! And you’re right – they DEFINITELY need to be pink! Thanks!

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