Formica Ellipse laminate looking great in these retro kitchens

formica-ellipseWhile on the Vintage Vegas Home & History tour, I also took side trips to see a few other midcentury homes. Each had done some degree of kitchen remodeling — and coincidentally, each had used Formica’s Ellipse laminate on their kitchen countertops. Above: Pam — who was a tour guide at one of the homes on the tour — took me to her home to see her kitchen remodel, which is nearly complete. She used Formica Ellipse in “White Ellipse” — although I’d say it definitely reads very light gray. My photo doesn’t do the countertop justice — it looked great!

And the wallpaper? Pam told me it’s “Leisure Time” from Spoonflower. The scale of the little flamingos — wonderful! She also had a perfect pink paint color that I need to get. She said she tried about six cans to get the pink right — oh, don’t we understand!

formica-ellipseLater on, Heidi Swank, Executive Director of Nevada Preservation Foundation, which sponsored the home tour, also let me take a sneak peek of her house, which still has renovations under way. In her kitchen — yup — Formica Ellipse, but in the darker shade “Grey Ellipse.” I’m just tantalizing you with this photo — the kitchen is complete — and it’s GORGEOUS. Story to come!

pink-sink-in-vantiyAbove: You may also recall that reader Mary Elizabeth used Ellipse in her pink and gray bathroom freshen-up. Looks like the darker Ellipse Grey to me.

formica-Anniversary-Collection-Chips-EllipsePart of the company’s 100th Anniversary set of designs, Formica’s Ellipse pattern comes in three colors. See our original story — including more photos of the collection — here. 

  1. Barbara says:

    Love the look of your counters, etc. We have Youngstown metal cabinets and want to replace the counter (again) with a precut laminate countertop from Home Depot. What’s on there now is tile over plywood. The contractor said we need new counters because it looks like the cabinets were welded ??? and there aren’t screws to take off the old countertop. I am totally confused as to what he’s talking about because we can see the plywood above after taking out the top drawers. We want to keep our metal cabinets!! Any advice out there?

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