A look inside an early 1940s Las Vegas cottage — one of the first residential neighborhoods in the city

las-vegas-cottage-7npf-2016Nevada Preservation Foundation‘s 2016 Vintage Vegas Home & History Tour was held on Mother’s Day, and as you might expect, a number of mothers chose to go on the afternoon tour as part of their celebrations. Above: I spotted this three-generations trio touring one of the homes on the tour, a sweet little Las Vegas “cottage.” I asked young one if she was into the vintage and she answered with a big “yes,” saying this cottage was her dream house. Yay: Yet another generation of preservationists up and coming! Thanks, Vintage Vegas fans, for being such great sports and letting me take your photos! Did you think it would land right at the top of the homepage?

Oh. The cottage. Let’s take a look at some of my favorite features….

las-vegas-cottage-2The kitchen of the cottage was a real crowd pleaser. It had a bungalow feel, with yellow-and-jade lineoleum tile flooring, buttercream colored cabinets with green glass pulls, a tiled countertop and walls painted in jade. One of my favorite places to look for glass pulls like this is Crown City Hardware.

Nevada Preservation describes this house:

This early 1940s home is located in the West Huntridge neighborhood. It is one of the first residential neighborhoods build in Las Vegas to address the housing shrtage that arose in America just before WWII. Keynote speaker Pam Kueber would call this home “mid-century modest“, as it may appear small and unassuming by today’s standards. However, featuring an original floorplan with slight modifications to the kitchen layout, the mid-century appeal of this tiny home is, in our opinion, anything but modest.

las-vegas-cottage-1Remember our story about fingerblock parquet? Well, in my original story I was focused on 9″ squares and 12″ squares. But lookie these tinier squares! Six inches maybe? I saw this small size in a number of the homes we toured — and I like it a lot. A lot. A lot.

czar floorsSo, I went back to the place I found fingerblock flooring that you can still buy today — Czar Floors. And sure enough: You can order it in a total of FIVE different sizes:

  • 4-3/4″
  • 6″
  • 9″
  • 12″
  • 4-1/2″

I LOVE fingerblock parquet!

las-vegas-cottage-4 las-vegas-cottage-3A pinky-beige and blue tile bathroom — and a little Cinderalla tub. Cute! I can’t imagine the floor tile is original, but it looks beautiful and the palette works — kinda Desert Modern meets adorable cottage, nice! 

las-vegas-cottage-5That simple little sconce lights over the mirror: That was SO COMMON back in the day!

las-vegas-cottage-6The homeowner’s comfy cozy spot, with a pole lamp that was a major score, he said!

  1. Kim says:

    Darling! I have a 1942 Seattle Cape Cod cottage, on a whole block done by the same builder; I’ve been gently correcting the “remuddles” it’s experienced over the years, as money and time permits. This gives me ideas! 🙂

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