eames hang it all design within reachI don’t usually buy new. So, I don’t frequent home furnishing stores. But, when I was in Boston recently, I bumped into the Design Within Reach store in Cambridge and went in for a look-see. Oh my. Their stuff is NICE. Example: I had never seen an Eames® Hang-It-All® in real life. It was bigger than I thought — close to 20″ wide — and Oh. My. It was NICE.
eames-hang-it-allFrom the Design Within Reach website:

In the mid-1940s, Charles and Ray Eames began designing toys and furniture for children, including molded plywood animals, colorful building blocks and whimsical masks. “We have to take pleasure seriously,” said Charles Eames, and the Hang-It-All (1953) is an example of this mantra. Made with a sturdy steel frame and solid wood balls, this design was created using the same technique for simultaneously welding wires that the Eameses developed for their low tables and wire chairs. They originally made the Hang-It-All for Tigrett Enterprises’ Playhouse Division, and Herman Miller reissued it in 1994. This is the authentic Hang-It-All by Herman Miller. Eames is a licensed trademark of Herman Miller. Made in Taiwan.

  • Years after Herman Miller produced the Limited Edition Hang-It-All in walnut and black, customers kept asking for it. Walnut and black is back, but this version differs from the Limited Edition in color, finish and size of spheres. The earlier Limited Edition remains unique to any other Hang-It-All ever produced.

eames hang it all design within reacheames hang it all design within reacheames hang it all design within reacheames hang it all design within reach

Get one:

  1. RJM says:

    I just posted a photo of a “boomerang” coffee table that I recently built. The design is mine but it was obviously inspired by pieces that I have previously seen. I think there are many reasons to consider “new” items. First I feel that design continues to evolve and be inspired by what has gone before. Additionally, new pieces can be built to one’s own specs to compliment particular space and color requirements. Also, they can be cost effective compared to holding out for original pieces.
    My table has a matte black Formica top, birch edge banding and solid pine legs. The wood surfaces are finished with a blonde look stain.
    It would be great if you could always find and be able to afford “originals”, but “new originals” can be a great option.

      1. Richard says:

        Thanks for the feedback. I would like to start making this table available for purchase. I can build it in any Wilsonart finish or with an actual wood top. Actually every aspect can be customized based on the buyer’s wishes (leg style, wood color etc.).
        I know your site is not meant to be for posting items for sale. I was hoping that my postings might get some comments or feedback from your readers to determine if there is any interest in something like this. I’m posting it on Ebay today at noon, but I think my highest chance of success is with a targeted market. do you have any suggestions for marketing via your blog? I looked at your “How I make money”, but didn’t see any links to your advertising rates etc.

  2. frances says:

    Eames designs are still produced by the Hermann Miller company and they are never part of Black Friday sales …. however Hermann Miller has bi-annual sales (usually a 15% reduction) on all of their products. Sign up for Design Within Reach emails and you will be notified of dates.

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