1963 “Showgirl Chic” party house designed by Palmer & Krisel

pam-kueberWhat’s up? Another house on the Vintage Vegas Home & History Tour with some surprises inside…

bed-with-mirror-above… Like, a master bedroom with a round mirrored-ceiling and walls….

stripper-pole-bathtubmirrored-bath-tub… in THE SAME ROOM, a sunken-style tub, also mirrored, and we kinda thought that pole on the outside edge would be for a …. ahem … dancer …

mirrored-vanity… still in the same room, a mirrored double-sink bathroom vanity …

kohlers-mans-lavatory… with two Kohler Man’s Lavs.

Story was, this house may have been a party house frequented by the Rat Pack. We hypothesized the original bed was round. What a master suite!


npf-2016Nevada Preservation said:

This showgirl chic, 1963 home was first owned by Gardner Greenman, who owned GiGi Women’s Clothing Store. Originally designed by Palmer & Krisel as a model 4B, the home was heavily renovated by Greenman during the late 60s and early 70s. Retired garment manufacturer Irving Alfasso took over the home from Greenman, and is rumored to have ties to Vegas’ Rat Pack entertainers. With mirrored walls, glass sliders along the back of the house, and ceilings that go on for miles, it’s easy to imagine…

upholstered-wallsAnother of the bedrooms was more sedate: It featured upholstered walls — which I have always loved. All matchy-matchy to the headboard and coverlet, of course.

kitchen-boothMuch of the house had undergone renovations and additions over the years. But I’m thinking this cute green kitchen booth was original.

swimming-pool-on-golf-courseThe property backed up to a golf course.

midcentury-modern-exterior-detailsThe exterior detailing was beautiful.

red-front-door-detialred-front-doorI loved the front door…

palm-treeThe Home Tour was on a beautiful day. Oh, the desert life!

  1. Carolyn says:

    I grew up with a tub and didn’t take a shower until high school. So my choices were to kneel in the tub with my head upside down or use the kitchen sink, again, upside down – both a pain in the neck. Maybe it was for the Pomeranian or Yorkie. Or more form over function.
    Still, this sprayer from then is much more efficient than what is offered on the link today.

  2. Carolyn says:

    You are sooo lucky I wasn’t drinking when I read that! And begs the question: just which side of the door were you on when this happened?

  3. Glen H says:

    I stayed in a ’70s motel with a mirrored ceiling over the bed once. I woke up in the morning and though a naked sky diver was falling through the roof.

  4. Reader Deb says:

    The outside! They had placed the balloon in the sink so it wouldn’t make a mess, and closed the door so I wouldn’t see what they were up to. When I opened the door, the older one just stepped into the tub, sliding the glass door closed. Had to bite my cheek to keep from laughing as I aimed the sprayer at the mirror and the sink to rinse the paint off before I washed it off of them.

  5. Joe Felice says:

    What-a-fabulous house! Too glitzy for me, though. To-many mirrors. I guess I just don’t like looking at myself.

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