The latest addition to Kate’s house: A baby on the way!

kateYes, Katiedoodle (and I) have been keeping a little secret … but one that’s now … impossible … to hide. Yes: Kate and her husband Jim are preparing to welcome their first child into their family. Kate’s due date is now just weeks away. 

jimkatebeachAnd in the wake of this WONDERFUL news, there’s blog-news too: Kate’s last day working for Retro Renovation is this Friday. After that, she’ll be at home with the new weebit full-time — although she tells me that, time permitting, she hopes to be able to continue working with me on a freelance basis now and then. No pressure, though, Kate! I am SO HAPPY for you — my last ‘assignment’ for you is to: Enjoy every millisecond of this life-changing new chapter in your life! That said, I will miss working with you daily so madly and deeply — it’s been four years of a working partnership — and friendship — that for me, has been good as it could possibly get!

(Note, dear readers, you’ll continue to see Kate’s byline, because there are a stash of stories she’s completed still in the pipeline for publication. And how will I proceed? For now, I will go back to being a solo blogger and see how that goes.)

jimkatebenchKate’s friend Nicole Johnson, a photographer from the Pittsburgh area, visited Kate and Jim recently, and took these precious photos.

kate2Is the baby a girl or a boy, you ask? It’s a girl! Come back tomorrow to see how Kate has prepared the nursery. You can be sure it’s retro and colorful and delightful as can be!

And, all this week: We’ll be spotlighting Kate’s four years of contributions to the blog. What a talented and hard-working and creative Managing Editor she has been! She’s an amazing artist and decorator and graphic designer! And, while I’m the one who’s constantly tossing ideas all over the place, she’s super-organized and keeps me focused. I am sooooooo crying in my Mai Tai to see her go… but soooooooo happy for the reason so!

What sage advice do have for Kate and Jim when it comes to parenting and dealing with a new baby?
(I asked Kate if it was okay to ask, and she said yes)
And of course: Feel free to comment and lavish Kate with four years’ worth of Retro Renovation reader love!

  1. Lorrie says:

    Congratulations to you and your husband. Your baby is a gift from the Lord. If you ask Him, He will help ya’ll to raise him or her up in the Nurture and Admonition of the Lord.
    Many blessings,

  2. Karla says:

    Congratulations to you and your husband! It’s so great to be a parent; loving, and caring for your precious baby.

    Many hugs and love sent your way.
    Enjoy this special journey.

  3. Diane McKeown says:

    When you put the baby down to sleep, she’ll be going from your warm body onto a cold mattress. I used to keep an electric heating pad on the mattress to keep it warm, removing it before I laid my daughter down. Worked like a charm.

    Best wishes to you all!

  4. Sandra Ray says:

    Take lots of video in the early days! Babies change so fast. Also, if you’re going to do sleep training (when baby is ready of course), stick to your resolve! Your future self will thank you.

  5. denise says:

    Congratulations Kate!! (and hubby) 😉
    Your input, ideas and balance with Pam, will be missed, but little baby girl will be so happy to have mommy to herself.

  6. Lynn says:

    This is such a wonderful time! I know when the baby is here you will be just exhausted and it will seem like time is crawling. But it truly goes so fast. Yesterday, my kids were babies and now they are almost 7 and almost 10! I admire you for taking this time just to be with your little lady because you don’t ever get it back again. I wish I hadn’t been working (and worrying) so much when my kids were babies and would have taken a step back and enjoyed it more. You are doing a great thing! I remember when a co-worker kept calling my maternity leave a “vacation”. Ha! It is hard work! But it is so rewarding. I am so happy for you but will miss all of your great stories and very crafty and handy skills. You’ve made a great contribution to the blog and now on to the next chapter to make a great contribution to your little one’s life! Congratulations!!
    Lynn in Indiana

  7. pam kueber says:

    As Kate knows I was off on family business last week, so have not added my advice. My baby is now 21 and out on her own, so here goes:

    — She was only cranky and difficult when she was hungry and tired. Tantrums and fits or whatever were OUR fault, not hers — when we did not honor her feeding and sleep requirements.

    — If she has colic, make a tape of a vacuum cleaner. Something about that noise stopped the crying. Annoying to us, yes, but better than the wailing. I guess you could also… vacuum constantly.

    — Role modeling is key. They watch everything you do and hear everything you say. Be the person you want them to grow up to be.

    — Read, read, read to them and as soon as they can read, make their leisure time about reading — not TV!

    — Find out what they love to do as a family — and do it often. My single regret as a mother is that my daughter loved picnics. I found too many reasons not to go on more of them — usually needed to do stuff around the house. ACK! Let the house to to hell in a handbasket — go on the picnics (or whatever it is that your weebit loves)!

    — Have lots of holiday traditions. Your children remember these always, they are a key part of what makes a family.

    — Be happy. Happy mothers / happy fathers make for happy children. And as a mother — it’s all the more important not to lose yourself — because she will be watching you even more closely.

    — Set boundaries and abide by them (never threaten a consequence and then back out of it). Children actually like boundaries, it shows you care. That said, boundaries need to be age-appropriate. For example, we let our daughter wear whatever she wanted as soon as she showed interest in dressing herself. No matter how crazy the get up — who cares? I will remember always that she had a penchant for jellies (plastic sandals) but she’d always wear different colors on each foot. Later, if they don’t want to clean their room, so be it. They need to have their own space. Common space on the other hand … house rules.

    — I am a big believer in data and research about parenting. I think there really is some good info out there. That said, as others have pointed out, each child is unique, so adapt accordingly.

    — Don’t try to be a perfect mom. Be a good-enough mom. And that will be perfect!

    I’ve known you closely for four solid years. You’re going to be a wonderful mom.

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