Gina scores big time at the Rochester estate sale of 4,000+ dresses

Paradise Hawaii sarong dressI love Gina. She’s a Hukilau friend. But right now, I kinda h*** Gina. Because she was #22 at the ginormous Rochester estate sale dress sale — and I didn’t go — and she scored some amazing dresses. Paradise Hawaii sarong dress, made in Hawaii, sold at the Walt Disney World gift shop? I die.

sarong-dressOkay, but Gina deserves it — she got an early start — so she paid her dues and earned her treasures. She told me that everyone at the sale was very civilized, “There was just so much stuff!” I’m happy for her! Meanwhile, I stayed home, recovering from my trip to see the Vladimir Kagan exhibit just two days earlier. And, the weekend before, I scored my own estate sale coup o’ the decade — up at 5 a.m., at the sale by 5:45, #8 in line — and raced buy about 30 boxes of very vintage, very gorgeous Christmas ornaments. So I’m not doing too bad these days when it comes to my own treasure hunting:


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Oh, back to Gina and her haul. Here’s what the back of her car looked like packed with her purchases, along with some of a friend’s along for the hunt:


I saw the photo on Facebook, and asked if she would share some of her finds with us. She graciously did! Prepare your eyeballs:

The Hawaiian / tropical wear, because we are Tiki People:

Tip to viewing photos:
On a desktop computer, wait for the entire page to load, then click on the photo and it should enlarge on screen so’s you can get a better look at all the details.

Gina wants you to notice: Skunks — yes SKUNKS — in this print!
These first three dresses are all Ceeb of Miami. Same pattern – different prints.

e Paradise Hawaii sarong dress c b a

Other vintage fashion:

Notices the squirrel print on the red-and-white peter pan collar blouse.

n m l k i h

Gina, my fashion idol:

Gina and Paul
Gina and Paul
Gina. Goddess.

Gina Santucci and Paul Roe were literally The First People I met heading to my first event at The Hukilau in 2014. Her Hukilau costumes are always highly anticipated. Paul’s, too. “The shopping takes place all year,” I remember Paul telling me. Well, Gina’s likely all set for The Hukilau 2017 now!

Won’t she look fabulous in the dresses she chose from the sale?

Gina is Paul’s muse in more ways than one.
The James Street Parlour

Link love: Gina and Paul recently relocated from Washington, D.C. to Syracuse, New York. In Syracuse, they purchased a dilapidated house that could have been owned by one of the Addams family. Paul has relocated this thriving tattoo business — now rechristened The James Street Parlour — into the ground floor. Oh, and in their spare time they are renovating the house top to bottom inside and out. These two are neverendinggobstopper FUN!

Finally, an update on the clothing sale:
50% is still available: Vintage clothing dealers invited!

I talked to the sale organizer, Tim, on Wednesday. He said that about 1,000 people attended the sale, and estimates that a bit more than 50% of the inventory sold. Now, he is taking one-on-one appointments — through the end of next week only — with vintage clothing dealers who want to come buy lots so that he can clear out the rest. If you are a dealer and are interested, give him a call at 585-647-9320. 

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