Retro Weiserlock door knobs in satin chrome and copper combo finish

New retro product find: Weiserlock “Beverly” doorknob set for interior use in satin chrome / bright bronze finish — with the bright bronze close enough to copper that we’ll take it as a proxy. Erik gets props for this find:

I dunno if they just started making this color combo, but I doesn’t see it last year when I searched Weiserlock for the Troy knobs in chrome and bright copper. It’s not the lively bright copper and chrome from the 50’s but it’s close for anyone who wants a mid century style set of knobs without the headache of searching for originals.

Agreed. Rub your hands all over the bright bronze parts every day for a few years and maybe they’ll weather to an even nicer, richer, copper-er finish. Thank you, Eric for this product find.

  1. Sara says:

    Hi – I know this is an older post so I don’t know if anyone will see this. But I’m wondering if anyone knows where you can purchase this bi-color knob in the US? Lowe’s Canadian website has it but they won’t ship to the US. I literally cannot find this knob anywhere online in the US! I have a vintage one of these on a hall closet and I’d love to get matching knobs for the bedroom and bathroom. Thank you to anyone who might be able to help me!

      1. Sara says:

        Aha! Thank you! Of course the new Canadian ones are cheaper, lol, but we all know vintage stuff is better quality anyway! I actually live a ferry ride away from Canada, so I may end up just planning a day trip. I check our ReStore regularly too.

  2. Shane says:

    I’ve been searching for these as well. I contacted Weiser Lock a few weeks ago and they said they were only available in Canada. Does anyone have a link to the Canadian dealer that ships to the US?

  3. Caitlin says:

    I didn’t know they were supposed to be two toned. Had thought the brass had worn off on mine. Perhaps a new appreciation for my door knobs.

  4. Mark says:

    An inexpensive alternative: Chrome doorknobs. While Lowe’s/Home Depot displays mainly satin-finish knobs, they can sometimes order chrome versions of the same knobs. We replaced all the knobs in our house with chrome ones for about $200.

  5. Vince says:

    I found these at RONA or Home Depot (I forget which) a couple years ago, and they’re an exact match with the existing knobs in my house from 1976. They’re built just as well as the old ones too! I’ve almost always seen these in copper (which I have too), but occasionally I’ve seen them in brass as well.

    I like how the knob designed for the bathroom has the standard finish on one side, and shiny chrome on the other!

    1. Lorie Whitaker says:

      Vince, thank you so much!! You solved a mystery for me! I have this doorknob on my bathroom doors and couldn’t figure out why it was so different from the others in the house. I had just assumed it was replaced with something else at some point… Now, to figure out why they were made that way!

      1. Vince says:

        I think it’s so the moisture of the bathroom doesn’t tarnish the copper finish, but I think it would take a LONG time for that to happen. When these knobs are used outside, they tarnish to a dark brown.

  6. Erik says:

    I contacted Weiser directly today, they told me this knob and colorway is still available. Also a quick web search pulled up a canadian retailer that has them in stock and ships to US.

    1. Allen says:

      This is great news. I’m glad it seems they are manufacturing them again. My experience was from a few years ago and the representative told me they weren’t making those anymore and I’d have to look for dead stock.

  7. Tim says:

    I also have these in my 1965 house. After searching and trying the same Canadian store (I live in Minnesota and actually contemplated driving across the border to get some), I finally found some of these for sale on ebay that were shipped to me from Canada. The new ones match perfectly with the old ones in my house.

    1. Erik says:

      I’m in St Paul. I got lucky on ebay too and found a copper and chrome Troy bathroom knob set still in the box. All my door knobs match now, but still looking for a few more to replace a few beat up ones.

  8. Allen says:

    I tried to get some of these a few years ago as these are the exact Weiser knobs my house was outfitted with in 1960 (missing one plus the exterior doors). The photo was on the website then as well. Kwikset owns Weiser now and I was told after making many phone calls that they do not make these anymore. They said that I might be able to find some in stores from leftover stock. I did find some in a store in Canada but they would not ship to the US. After waiting and searching I finally found some at my local Restore that are vintage. I really do hope they decided to make these again however.

    1. pam kueber says:

      ugh. But thanks for the info, Allen.

      I hope my link to other research (at the bottom) helps other readers who are looking for door knobs… As I recall from going through the stories again, Liz’s Antique Hardware also has some really interesting designs. And yes, as you say, hitting up ebay and ReStore are potentially fruitful options as well. I’ve generally found that with eBay, if I make several saved searches, using different word possibilities, and watch faithfully, stuff will eventually come up. With the renewed popularity of midcentury modern, more stuff is being saved and resold during renovations rather than tossed, I think; even if they don’t personally want it, people know there may be value.

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