Retro Weiserlock door knobs in satin chrome and copper combo finish

New retro product find: Weiserlock “Beverly” doorknob set for interior use in satin chrome / bright bronze finish — with the bright bronze close enough to copper that we’ll take it as a proxy. Erik gets props for this find:

I dunno if they just started making this color combo, but I doesn’t see it last year when I searched Weiserlock for the Troy knobs in chrome and bright copper. It’s not the lively bright copper and chrome from the 50’s but it’s close for anyone who wants a mid century style set of knobs without the headache of searching for originals.

Agreed. Rub your hands all over the bright bronze parts every day for a few years and maybe they’ll weather to an even nicer, richer, copper-er finish. Thank you, Eric for this product find.

  1. Sara says:

    Hi – I know this is an older post so I don’t know if anyone will see this. But I’m wondering if anyone knows where you can purchase this bi-color knob in the US? Lowe’s Canadian website has it but they won’t ship to the US. I literally cannot find this knob anywhere online in the US! I have a vintage one of these on a hall closet and I’d love to get matching knobs for the bedroom and bathroom. Thank you to anyone who might be able to help me!

  2. Sara says:

    Aha! Thank you! Of course the new Canadian ones are cheaper, lol, but we all know vintage stuff is better quality anyway! I actually live a ferry ride away from Canada, so I may end up just planning a day trip. I check our ReStore regularly too.

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