Affordable tropical barkcloth pillows — and pillow forms to go with

In doing research for barkcloth curtains for my home tiki bar, I discovered an awesome source for super affordable tropical barkcloth pillow covers — just $15 each for piped, zippered pillows from Diamondhead Fabrics. To fill them, I also found two (so far) terrific pillow forms, highly rated on Amazon (all the Amazon links in this story are affiliate links). 

UPDATE: Everyone’s asking about Sally’s socks, so here goes the first linkie loo:

In the photo at the top, that’s my friend Sally, who has been helping me do some work on my Mahalo Lounge work in progress. And above, Astro always wants to get in the photos these days.

Seriously, I don’t even need to stage him. He sees there’s action going on, and over he scampers.

Over on the Diamondhead Fabrics website, there are currently nine different designs of pillows available to purchase. They are 20″ wide. If you are buying another fabric and want to get matchy matchy, I’d ask — maybe they will make you some pillow covers.

Disclosure: Diamondhead sent me two free pillow covers when I ordered my 70 yards of fabric to make my pinch pleat draperies. I would have bought the pillow forms anyway! There was no promise of blog coverage for the gift, I’m writing about them because I love them — and golly, the price is right!

You need a 22″ pillow form for these

To look for two pillow forms, I headed over to Amazon. I looked for those five stars and checked out some reviews, although not obsessively, and found the Pillowflex synthetic down pillow forms shown above. Reviews seemed very good. The price also was fine.

Also, I read in the string of comments, etc. that when you are ordering pillow forms, you order 2″ up, so’s you get fluffy poufy comfy cozy. So’s I did (order two @ 22″ forms for my 20″ pillows, that is). And they are (fluffy poufy comfy cozy, that is.)

Pillowflex has pillow forms in a boatload of sizes and other stuffings, as well.

Repeating the link love:

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  1. Glenda says:

    Where did she get the wooden spoon and fork. I have been looking forever for some. I love them!

  2. Pam Kueber says:

    Those are mine. I found them at an estate sale. They come up on ebay often, although not usually so large. Set up saved searches…

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