The unofficial theme of the week is: What projects and crafties can I do to avoid doing my taxes. Over the weekend, a friend came over to get my help with an embroidery project. She wanted to make sunflowers, so I finally tore open the wrapping of the New Old Stock Bucilla “Studio Twelve” Flower Looms that I bought on ebay, like, 10 years ago. The little sunflower turned out so well that I went on a Bucilla flower-making spree all weekend! So much fun!

What will I do with all of them (and I keep making more!)? 

What should I do with them??? Ideas welcome!

I found lots of videos on this youtube channel for making variations.

Looms like this seem to be made new today (I see them on Amazon), but if I buy any more, I will surely go for vintage — there are even squares! — and from a variety of olde companies — all spotted on ebay. For example, searching “flower loom vintage”:

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