My Bucilla flower loom flower power wreath

I am in woodworking class all this week and basically holding things together with chewing gum and popsicle sticks. Or, in the case of the wreath I just whipped together with my first crop o’ Bucilla Flower Loom flowers, long sewing pins did the trick. Okay, it’s only 7th grade crafting skillz, but still, sometimes that’s just what you need.

I wrapped the a styrofoam wreath form in yarn while watching TV on Saturday night. On Sunday, it was easy peasy to jab the flowers on with pins.

When I get around to having enough flowers to doing something epic with them, I can take them off easily. 

Or maybe I’ll just keep this wreath where it is. I hung it on the front of a bookcase in my office. My office is my krazee happy space. The wreath fits right in!

Which makes me think: There’s more I’ve done in my office that I’ve never put on the blog. I’ll tidy up and show ya soon!

Wish me luck at woodworking! Use Power Tools Safe!

  1. Nina462 says:

    years ago (50’s – 60’s) you could order handicrafts to work on. it was all the rage according my collection of old magazines. I have a turtle trivet set to put together from the National Handcraft Society that I bought years ago.
    Someday I’ll put it together.

    I assume the crafts were shipped once a month or so….sort of like the Birchbox of it’s day.

  2. Jan says:

    Nice wreath, Pam! What’s wrong with me that I never thought of making these flowers with YARN? Duh! I have three sizes of old Bucilla round looms and a really cool square one, and I only ever made the flowers out of straw raffia! I guess I’m going to have to dig them out and play again!

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