Identifying the 1950s Ranch House Interior as a Cultural Resource by Laura Kviklys

Time for school! Thanks to Joel for sending us this tip on this smart lecture about the historical importance of midcentury ranch house interiors by Laura Kviklys, Center for Community Design and Preservation, College of Environment and Design, University of Georgia:

  • This presentation will identify the key defining elements of the Ranch house interior: the context and significance of the interior as a component of a newly Register eligible resource; its role in the change of desirable living standards in the 1950s and 1960s; and the challenges associated with its preservation.

I skimmed and it looks great. I’ll watch the whole thing this weekend and get even smarter. Enjoy!

  1. Jay says:

    I watched this over the weekend and it was difficult at times to follow what she was saying. I associate open floor plans with mid century modern houses. The ranch house typically has the L-shaped living dining rooms that are open to each other so I thought that’s what she meant. At some point my ranch dining area was actually sectioned off from the living room with an arched opening creating a formal dining room so I guess that makes it a closed plan. Regarding the photo of the mom with the stern face, I think she was adding her own insight how in reality it wasn’t all smiles like the graphics always implied.

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