My sectional custom made by Barclay Furniture, upholstered in Knoll Rivington Palm, was delivered yesterday. I’m still in sneak peek mode on my Mahalo Lounge, so here’s a sneak. I’m pretty over the moon. The sectional is delicious and sized perfectly to my room. The fabric is gorgeous — this photo, un-retouched, does not do it justice.  More to come as the room approaches the finish line!

P.S., now I need to research plastic slipcovers. I am serious. The first one who spills on this baby I Can’t Even Imagine.  

UPDATE to my PS: Okay, no plastic slipcovers. I read the comments. I calmed down. Last night, though, weebit’s snack touched the sectional cushion where she was drinking a cocktail and doing some noshing while watching TV with us. All are forewarned they will risk some mom-wrath if they don’t be careful. But yes: This space is for FUN, lest I forget. Yes: Weebit is all graduated from college now and working in the big city. I want her to come home to visit as often as possible, messy and all!

  1. JMA says:

    Oh my. I am actually feeling nervous butterflies in my stomach to see the final unveiling. Ha! This is going to be so delicious…the sneak peeks are heavenly in and of themselves.

  2. Lynn says:

    Thank you so much for the idea! I’ll give that a try! It does smell a little better now just by sitting in a room with the windows open a lot, but it’s still somewhat musty. Thank you!

  3. Deb says:

    OMG! Beautiful! As for plastic slipcovers- many, many years ago when I first started dating my husband and went to his house for the first time, they had plastic slipcovers. I had seen them advertised, but never in person. You would either stick to them or slide, depending on what you were wearing. Not a fan. That being said, the sofa underneath still looked like new many years later!

  4. Felicia Alexander says:

    Hi, Pam,

    I have to agree with those who recommend you think twice about those plastic slipcovers. The fabulous texture of that upholstery is meant to be touched and caressed. And Scotchgard is a wonderful thing!

  5. Jay says:

    It’s beautiful!!! but we’ll just have to call you Marie Romano, she of the plastic slipcovers. Two items not meant for plastic covers are upholstery and case goods, creates moisture issues. I protect my furniture from not only the cat but myself with a quilted pet protector for the couch and sheets for the chairs. You can buy the quilted material by the yard or just buy some nice throws. That sectional sure is sharp looking and I can appreciate you wanting to keep it looking its best.

  6. Stacia says:

    Everyone with pets, kids, tipsy friends, etc, plus wonderful things like upholstery and rugs or carpet, vintage or not, should invest in their own steam cleaner. Ours has saved us so so so many times. We have a WHITE wool rug in our living room, lots of reupholstered vintage furniture, two cats, two dogs, and 3 kids. Seriously we use it 2-3 times/month.

  7. Teri says:

    I’m so glad I read until the PS. It saved me a rant about the plastic slip cover idea. The sofa is stunning! Enjoy it. And should “oops” happen, there are many cleaning options available. As someone else said (again, saving me the rant), it’s furniture. People and living are way more important. Can’t wait to see the reveal.

  8. Risë says:

    I pretty much agree with the consensus, re: plastic covers. BUT playing devils advocate, if you could find “breathable” clear covers that mitigated the potential of a musty smell, clear covers, at least for the first year of so as you break it in, would def mimic the era you are “recreating”; I mean who of a certain age doesn’t recall that kids were NOT allowed into the formal living rooms saved for grownup guests! Both the carpeting and the furniture often had plastic “the-wonder-material” covers! Stuffy but fun, in the retro sense! Gorgeous sectional, BTW!!

    1. Carolyn says:

      Rise – oh I forgot about those plastic carpet runners with the pokey things on the underside to prevent it from shifting!

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