Barclay Furniture of Holyoke, Mass. — in business since 1950 — gets started on my sectional

Construction of the new sectional for my Mahalo Lounge is finally under way. There was a big delay — I had to wait for fabric for an existing, second, vintage sectional that I am having recovered at the same time.

Above: That’s Mike and Ray from Barclay Furniture of Holyoke, Mass., which is doing the work for me. The were here Monday to pick up the existing sectional to take to Holyoke; that’s just the left-hand piece of it.

Another cool thing about Knoll fabric: They sell directly to the public.

Barclay Furniture started making furniture in 1950 and today, it continues to build furniture the old-fashioned way — using eight-way hand-tied springs, for example. Most of their business is working with designers. 

I learned about Barclay Furniture from the store that had my pinch pleats made up and then installed them.

Barclay had another client in Lenox, and after I called the company to talk, another Mike — Mike’s grandfather Mike, who owns the business — stopped by my house to see my sectional and to talk with me about the project.

Then, to look at fabric, I went to visit the company — I loved the place! And then, Mike came out again to measure to ensure I’d order the right amount of fabric and to get the estimate down.

Now, we are off and running. My project has two parts — they will (1) restore and recover my existing, vintage sectional and (2) build me a second sectional for my Mahalo Lounge

The all-new sectional will be covered in my pricey, precious Knoll Rivington in Palm fabric.

The downstairs sectional is getting Knoll Keaton in the “Pembrook” colorway (shown above). This fabric must be a good seller, because once I decided on it, I had to eight weeks for a new run.

Note: I am NOT being paid by Knoll or by Barclay Furniture or getting this for free or anything like that. I am paying for everything. Read how I make money on blog, including how I do disclosures (transparently!) here

The work will take up to eight weeks. That means: The clock is now ticking down. Time to get all the details of the Mahalo Lounge completed. I’m feeling: Small, soft-launch get-togethers with friends as soon as the sectional is in. Then: Big bash on Hallowe’en! 

And, both Mikes say I can come down to their workroom along the river in Holyoke to do some stories showing my sectionals in progress. That will be fun, too!

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  1. Mary Elizabeth says:

    I think you should have a party at the completion of the kitchen cabinets for sure. And another party (garden party, perhaps) when you finish the outside walls in back. Your crooked house is small, and you need small parties for all the small victories, not a huge bash for the whole city. 🙂

  2. Mary Elizabeth says:

    Yes, Jay, she must get started by then for Christmas. Now, here’s a problem: how to decorate the Mahalo Lounge for Christmas? We need to put our heads together and make suggestions for Pam. For example, ornament wreaths in the new colors of the room? Santa figure in a Hawaiian shirt, saying “Mele Kalikimaka”?

  3. Kristina says:

    Oh yeah- tell me about it! Low quality, indeed. Reason being all of our manufacturing is moving overseas- the plan is ALL of it overseas. Not just “some of it” but all of it. It’s called “Tough Choices or Tough Times” Commission on the Skills of the American Workforce. Their touting this as a viable and honorable plan (it most certainly is not). They want to move all labor to ‘developing nations” and save the US for only “innovation, marketing and global supply chain”. That means nothing made here whatsoever.
    The only furniture store in town I found that has decent furniture is a place that sells Stickley stuff. There is another store close by that one that has all the Danish “Euro” furniture too, and that’s it for well made stuff. Barclay I am pleased to be reminded of, and that gladly it is still in business. I have fond memories of dad’s Barca-lounger! What house didn’t have one that dad worshiped in the household? Ah, the old Barca-loungers. Those are a part of American history 🙂

  4. Pencils says:

    I’ve been tempted on seeing upholstered pieces on the street, but my area is full of bedbugs these days. Apparently. I’ve never had them, or seen them, but my old office had warnings several times when employees had bedbugs at home and they warned us they may have sneaked into the office–their office furniture was fumigated or disposed of. Just not worth it to me to deal with possible bedbugs. I do have a gorgeous Scandinavian chair that my sister bought on Craigslist that I inherited when she needed more space in her cottage. Actually, I think it’s been on this blog….
    It’s the one with the “Love” pillow on it. It needs to be recovered, but I haven’t decided which room it’s going to live in permanently yet, so I haven’t chosen a fabric.

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