Erika has made all of our mini mid mod putz house patterns !

Reader Erika says she’s made all of our mini mid mod putz house patterns. Super impressive – this photos will make Katiedoodle super happy. Hey. I’m having lotsa guests on Turkey Day. I think I will cut out a lot of the patterns ahead of time (darn, wish I had a crickut!) and we’ll do this as an activity while we’re cocktailing. 

Oh, did I mention that Erika has it GOING ON. Above: Here amazing flamingo collection. And, she’s made vintage ornie wreaths, too. I want to be your best friend, Erika! 


Oh. Vintage ornie wreath giveaway coming momentarily. The one and only, first and fabulous GeorgiaPeachez working on my order. 

Note: Links to Amazon may net me a wee commission if you clickiloo and buy.

  1. Bette Jean says:

    Wow…Erica! As a Floridian, who doesn’t love Santa flamingos? Dearest Pam, I feel like you are a friend. I look for you each morning and enjoy EVERY entry. Miss our Katie-Doodle, Leo, etc and Cora is a little angle ????. Looking forward to the BIG REVEAL of the lounge. Merry New Happy Thankmas to All for 2017.

  2. Susie Q. says:

    Idk…cocktailing with glitter in one hand, an exacto knife in the other…I’m a little scared of that. I AM looking forward to looking through the Christmas uploader when the time comes. I swear, last year I sat and looked at it for HOURS and loved every minute.
    However, I have been meaning to ask, have you done your big reveal of the Lounge yet? Did I miss it? I have been looking forward to seeing everything for a few months and am chomping at the bit!!

  3. Carolyn says:

    Were those shelves the selling point of the house or did she have them built especially for Christmas?!
    “OH, I Yust Go Nuts at Christmas!”

    1. Erika T. says:

      They were a big selling point of the apartment! That and the kitchen with glitter Formica countertops and Armstrong Corlon laminate flooring. 🙂

  4. Jennifer says:

    Gorgeous! This really stirs up Christmas memories–love everything about the display!

    I was planning to make some folded magazine Christmas trees today. (Anyone else remember making those out of Readers Digests?) But now I’m also inspired to figure out a technique for making those wire trees!

  5. Pat says:

    What a great display! I love the tree shaped frames with ornaments hanging on them, did you make those? If so, are there instructions somewhere?

  6. Carolyn says:

    My screen shows Amazon has papier mache houses for those of us who wish they had the skill(patience!) to make these from scratch. I think if I started with the basic house already done, I could maybe possibly get it MCm-ish. They look kind of little (“mini”) tho’.

  7. Karen says:

    Agree about everything! The flamingos I collect are on Pinterest;)
    I got a Putz kit a few years ago “Build a Christmas Village” with pre-punched paper parts, glitter, glue and more. Sturdy paper.

  8. Mary Elizabeth says:

    Pam, I envy you! I just hosted 20 for Thanksgiving (three tables set up in the dining room, kitchen, and living room of my tiny ranch house), and there is no way we would have been able to sit around with cocktails, Exacto knives and glue guns. Especially with six kids 3-9 years old!

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