10 styles of slate flooring — from a company in business since 1917

Thanks to reader Andrea for sharing this awesome source for retro-style mosaic slate flooring — 10 designs in all from Sheldon Slate Products of Monson, Maine — in business for 100 years — yes, since 1917 — owned and operated by the same family. What a wonderful resource!

Random slate flooring like this seems to have been super popular used in entryways of homes, and I recall seeing it used in three-season rooms. I love the random colored varieties in particular. So far, I’d only found one other source. Gorgeous stuff that will last forever!

There are several more mosaic patterns shown on the company website:


  1. John says:

    Just contacted the company. Their slate is non porous and DOES NOT NEED TO BE SEALED. Only needs damp mopping so super low maintenance. Wow! What a find! THANKS!

      1. Adrienne says:

        Thank you! Long time blog reader, and your site has been a great resource for all sorts of things I’ve needed.

  2. Barbara says:

    This is coming from someone who has lived with slate since the 70’s.
    I loved it then and I love it now!
    Maintenance: NONE! Super durable! It can and it will endure heavy traffic. That’s why an entrance/foyer with a slate floor go so well together. Like mine! Plus I have radiant heat in my entrance way.
    Also, slate has a classy look.
    Cleaning: I’ve used everything. My favorite is Murphys oil. If you really want to show off, let the floor dry then use a buffer. WOW! It gives it a beautiful shine.
    My slate is from the 60’s. You would never guess it’s over 50 years old. And, I have never sealed my floor. Doesn’t need it!
    Hope this helps answer some of the questions.

  3. Lynn says:

    I learned from the daughter of the original owner of my house that our entry used to be slate. At some point in the early 80s, someone either took up the slate or tiled over it with beige ceramic tile with those little diamond shapes in the middle. I wish I knew if the slate was still there, but wouldn’t it be ruined by the thin set from the tile? Plus, I don’t know how you would get to it without breaking the tile (and probably the slate). So sad.

  4. ineffablespace says:

    The thing that is great about this particular company is the thinness of tile available in the smaller formats. That helps with weight and changes in floor level issues.

  5. Melanie says:

    What a timely article! We are heading to the flooring store today to try to figure out an order for slate for our entry and hardwoods for our open great room area. We have been debating how to describe what we want, maintain some control over what we get and trust the flooring guy – now we have an actual plan layout! This is so very helpful and makes my appointment this afternoon much less painful.

  6. Lisa Compo says:

    Whooopie! The house we just bought this summer and are STILL fixing up to move into has foyer flooring that is nearing the end of it’s durability, chipped corners, nail pops and cracks etc. I have been hunting for something that looks like slate with no success.
    Going to bookmark this site for sure. 😉 So glad to see this post pop up. The more we fix up and do the more I rely on what I have learned from this site over the years. Thanks again for a great site.

        1. Katie says:

          The vinyl tile that I’ve seen has all been square, but its super-easy to cut, so if you wanted a mix of sizes it should be pretty easy to do. I’ve seen the square vinyl tiles at Lowe’s and Home Depot, and its probably at other flooring places as well.

  7. Wendellyn Plummer says:

    We have the first pattern Random Ashlar Pattern #9 in our 1965 Tri-level home. I love it! When we had the hard wood floors redone, I requested that they be very careful in regards to the slate.
    I love your site and have recommended it to several people that have older homes.

  8. Lynne says:

    This is EXACTLY what I have been wanting in my entry -and possibly on into the dining area. I wonder what the upkeep is on this. Do you have to seal it? Wax it? The maintenance would be a big factor on how much I would use. I didn’t see that info on the website-did I miss it??

    1. KakiMack says:

      Lynne we had slate put in our foyer. The installer did seal it—we chose the matte finish rather than the “wet” look sealant. Upkeep is very easy; we just damp mop. I don’t believe you would ever want to wax it.

      1. KakiMack says:

        Oh and I would think that at some point in time it might have to be resealed, depending on how much foot traffic you have, but I would expect that to be far down the road. We ordered from Vermont Slate, one of the other companies mentioned by Pam and I’m sure you could call them, or the company mentioned above, with any questions you may have. We are very happy with our slate foyer!

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