A grasscloth bamboo ceiling for my home tiki bar, The Mahalo Lounge

So when I asked readers for advice on which ceiling treatment to choose for my Mahalo Lounge, reader Maria Gamalski replied, all skeptical given past experience:

Hahahaha I’m not falling for this again! You had us agonizing over swatches in shades of red/orange/coral for the sectional and you went w/green that wasn’t even presented as as an option……. you pick!????

I responded:

I hope you are not angry at me! I go through an arduous decision-making process. Hey: I REALLY am going to use one of these!

But. Umm. Then. Golly….

What can I say? I went to California on a Grand LA Tiki Adventure and decided — I need more tiki, less chic. Then, the Retro Decorating Gods timely delivered unto me gorgeous vintage grasscloth on ebay.

It’s not as if… my head and neck and back and shoulders and hands (and pocketbook) ain’t payin’ the price, getting this stuff cut into perfect 34.5″ squares then up onto the ceiling all by my lonely.

  • Will I finish my Mahalo Lounge by the end of this year. Or, ever? Your guess is as good as mine.

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  1. Marie Gamalski says:

    Hahahaha…Marie checking in here….its GORGEOUS luv….I took ibuprofen just LOOKING at all that “overhead,ouch work”!! ?I gold leafed my DR ceiling and it took MONTHS to get the “crick” outta my neck!! ?I knew you’d make the PERFECT choice, the “checkerboard” gives great movement and interest…????CANNOT wait to see the finished project..but take your time, I’ve learned from experience…frustration, and “rushing” leads to disaster and re-dos? keep up the exciting work luv?
    Marie Gamalski ?

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