12 vintage bathroom sinks from American Standard in 1955

american standard metal bathroom vanityDo you have a vintage American Standard sink? If it’s from around 1955, this story might help you identify the name of your design. It’s also fun to look at old brochures, like this one from my personal collection, for color and decorating ideas. 

Above: The American-Standard sink lineup in 1955 included, from left:

  • The new Roxbury
  • The Ledgewood
  • The Marledge


Above, from the left:

  • Trimledge
  • Decledge
  • Dentaledge — yes, a dental sink complete with flushing room and built-in backflow preventer!  Read more about dental sinks here.
  • And the new Buena.


Above: An eighth sink — the Symphony — so beautiful! …

Above: #9 is The Comrade. …

Above, upper right-hand corner: The Viking, a corner sink. …

Above: Those are twin “Companion” lavatories. 

The tile-in sink is a Dresslyn. …

And the metal hudee-rimmed sinks are Highlyns, dropped into Merrilyn vanities (made of wood, not steel).

So many sinks — in so many colors — to choose from in 1955!

  1. Lali says:

    I agree I have rescued a ming green dresslyn and a regency blue dresslyn from a home gut job and am in the process of getting cabinets made for them for my bathrooms. I still have the original tubs and toilets. All that was missing were the sinks which had been destroyed before I purchased my home. It is a painstaking process but I am getting there.

  2. Marilyn Tilghman says:

    The home I live in was built in 1953 and one of the bathrooms has pink fixtures. I would like to know what shade of pink they are. They were made by American Standard and I believe the color is what they called Corralin. It is not a deep pink but more of a pastel color. Was the color Venetian pink available at this time? I believe it may have been the new color in the 1960’s. I may have to replace the toilet and need to know what color I am looking for.

  3. Joann Smith says:

    Hi, I am looking for 3 American Standard Dresslyn model bathroom sinks to purchase. (You show it pictured above). Any color is fine but must be in very good condition. Can anyone direct me to where I can purchase these? Thanks! Joann Smith

  4. Joann Smith says:

    Thank you so much, Pam! Your tips are very helpful! deabath.com has one that might be a Dresslyn except it’s not named so I’m not sure. The one they have is priced at $259 which is way above what I was hoping to spend, so I’m still looking. If anyone knows of one to three Dresslyns priced at approximately $150 each NOS (new old stock), I would be thrilled. Thanks again! Joann

  5. Pam Kueber says:

    I’m happy the tips were helpful, Joann. Note, I don’t allow buying/selling here in the comment threads or else it would become chaos. So keep up with your search using all the tips. P.S. Adding New Old Stock to the “want” list is likely going to make it a much more difficult hunt, although someone does stumble on a stash now and then such as >> https://retrorenovation.com/2010/07/25/a-truckload-of-vintage-crane-sinks-mint-in-box-feast-your-eyes/

  6. Joann Smith says:

    Thank you, Pam, for explaining your policy about buying/selling in the comments! I didn’t know you had a “want” list. I will look for it. Thanks again.

  7. Pam Kueber says:

    Hi Joann, when I say “want” list — I mean YOUR “want” list related to the kind of sink(s) you are looking for.

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