I test Modern Masters Metallic Paint: All that glitters is so many shades of gold!

On the 4th day of Kitschmas: a test of Modern Masters Metallic Paint. Yes, this was on my “get it done already” list too. At one point agonizing over the Mahalo Lounge‘s ceiling, I thought I might paint it with metallic paint and then start collaging all over it. I had remembered Modern Masters from my first-ever media program, with Rust-Oleum, which owns the company. So I reached out to their PR team and asked if they could send me complementary samples to test and feature here. 

My original idea for the ceiling was do something ala what was shown in their videos, example above: A tone-on-tone look. More videos and how-to’s from Modern Masters here.

There are lots of colors to choose from in the Metallic Paint collection — but I knew I wanted to focus on gold. So in my request, I focused on narrowing down to the golshades, in satin, that might work. There were seven.

It took a while for the request to get approved, and by the time I received the samples, I’d already made other plans (which I then changed again) for the ceiling.  So the paints have been sitting in my office ever since, staring at me pleadingly, like all the other undone tasks throughout the house.

But howdy hudee, I then got the idea to use the paints to renew the vintage frame I used to frame the vintage costume jewelry Christmas tree that I made a few weeks ago. The original vintage frame was nice — it was fine, for me — but this will be a gift to my daughter for Christmas, and my thinking was that she would like refreshed paint.

Note, she does not read my blog. So I am not blowing some surprise.

To get started, I made a sample board of all the paints. There’s quite a lot of variety in all the Modern Masters Metallic Paints! For the frame, I chose a base of Olympic Gold — which is the only opaque in the bunch. Then, wanting to create more dimension, I painted — almost dry-brushed — some Pale Gold over the Olympic Gold. Finally, I brushed some Rust-Oleum Java Glaze that I had on hand into the crevices, quickly wiping away the glaze from the top as required; the idea was to get the glaze to settle into the crevices to age the whole thing a bit. 

Verdict: I like the Modern Masters Metallic Paint just fine. It’s water-based — way easier than working with oil-based. Seems pretty rich in solids — coverage was great. And it’s nice to have so many colors to choose from.

Moreover: While expensive — you can buy it BY THE GALLON*. Which is what I would have needed for ceilings. (*cha ching I earn a wee commission if you click the Amazon links and end up buying anything – part of how I keep this blog boat afloat)

Their website:

Oh, but I’m not done.

After I got the frame on the art, I finished up the framed art by gluing vintage wrapping paper to the back of it, and adding a hanger thingy. There’s a message from Mom (me) underneath. So’s when I’m long gone and some grandchild or great grandchild (one hopes!) accidentally rips it, there will be the little time capsule love note beneath.

I find vintage wrapping paper at estate sales, too.

And Marks Solingen Germany scissors. $5. These were a delight to work with! So heavy! So sharp! Yum!

I used the same paper to wrap the present. 

I added a vintage ornament — just nabbed in a bundle at the Salvation Army last week — to the bow.  And yes, the ribbons and tablecloth are vintage, and we even reuse bows!

I’ll tell you: My drive to get one nagging thing per day is really kinda working for me! It’s like I wake up every morning revving to cross one more thing off the list! I’m hoping to keep this habit going for … as long as it takes.

  1. Sandra Kallander says:

    My mother made a Christmas tree out of shattered glass in the early 1960s. I remember she broke green glass bottles and glued the pieces to a piece of plywood in the shape of a tree. She put some glass marbles in the oven and heated them, then plunged them into cold water??? I don’t recall the details–probably because it was “too dangerous.” The marbles formed cracks and became sparkly. Those were glued on to decorate the tree. It was a heavy piece, and was probably thrown out within a couple of years, but we have it in the home movies!

  2. Karin says:

    Pam thanks for the review. During a recent project, I spotted these paints at my local hardware and was curious about them. I had no idea that they came in so many colours.

  3. tammyCA says:

    A special handmade gift beautifully wrapped..reminds me of Christmas past with all the shiny, pretty foil wrapping paper we’d get from Hallmark.

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