I realize that this is an extremely lame blog post. But it is meant to demonstrate that I am extremely lame about finishing what I started. Perhaps you share the same m.o.: All excited, get a super fun project started, but then… your interest fades, you move on to the next before you finish the first. And then it’s December and you see you have… 20 unfinished projects. If you weren’t afraid to count. This little series is meant to keep me focused on finishing that darn Mahalo Lounge, one stinkin’ day at a time. Perhaps it is inspiring you to finish stuff, too?

Oh. I went 10 months without a door knob on the door from the hallway into the living room.

“Before” — I originally posted this photo on Feb. 17. So it’s been even longer than that sans door knob.
“After” — I know, this is one super exciting before-and-after. And yes, the light in the room dramatically changes how the faux bois woodwork looks. 

Cheat: My husband put the doorknob back on, on Sunday. He was excited. We actually close this door every single night and open it again every single morning.

We couldn’t figure out how to get the escutcheon to fit. I admit: I didn’t work at it too hard. I was so disgusted with myself. Just get that knob on.

It wasn’t as boring a project as you would think, though. The first time he put the knob in… he put it in “backwards”… there’s a hole in the other knob, where the locking mechanism had once been… previous owners took the locking mechanism out. Anyway. So at first it was in backwards (knob with hole facing into living room). and I was going to accept it as is, I was just grateful the job was done. But then, I closed the door… and it was locked… and we could not get it to unlock. So DH had to remove the whole knob set in place and figure out how to unlock it internally. He then reinstalled it, holey knob facing the hall. This whole doorset is pretty icky — not “fabulous original” — so some day we will replace it, we decided. Buhahahahahah. As if.

Can you guess what this is?

Meanwhile, I couldn’t stand all these house projects taunting me. So I went shopping at one of my favorite local vintage shops, Finders Keepers in Lee, Mass. I only bought a few things… but took photos for you!

This is a child’s tea set — not a full-sized set!
I bought these — three of them — for wreath-making.
I bought this mushroom ornie, and one more. I was proud of myself for my restraint.
This was made by Union Products of Leominster, Mass. — same company responsible for Don Featherstone flamingo lawn ornaments!


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  1. Stacy says:

    That child’s tea set!! I love it! It matches the Harmony House Scandia pattern of the china I’ve been collecting.

  2. Chicago Char says:

    I absolutely adore the rooster and hen tiles. Impressed with the items available. Good haul! The little (wooden?) lady on the marble-like base also would be a keeper for me, but did I miss her function (other than bringing enjoyment and smiles)? Does she hold napkins in her slots?

  3. Jackie says:

    I buy the stuff for my project and then it sits there, lol. We have very small doorknob holes, and are not handy people. Been looking for NOS doorknobs to replace some of the beatup ones without having to make a bigger hole.

  4. Lynn says:

    I can relate! We started re-flooring our basement in black and white tiles in October 2016. We stopped after a while and then went a whole year before working on it again. Since we moved here in May 2016, nothing for the basement was ever unpacked and the bigger stuff was just put anywhere we weren’t currently working. I can’t find the remote for the TV, the power cord for the DVD player, etc. They are there, somewhere, but who knows where. I am determined to finish this now because I can’t stand it anymore. There’s also a door down there that needs a knob. I bought one, but who knows where It is! Just think how immense the satisfaction will be when all this is finally done. 2018 is the year to get ‘er done!!

  5. Nancy in nw PA says:

    I’ve got the white ceramic lidded container featured at the top of the last page. It’s either a really heavy cookie jar or a bean pot. Found at a rummage sale, it cost a dollar. Obviously never used, I’m thinking it was a wedding gift to someone who didn’t bake…beans or cookies. Love the solidness of it.

      1. Kathy says:

        I got one too–but without the lid or the burner! $2 at a resale shop, and I use it as a planter in my 1962 pink kitchen. Thanks for telling us what it is! It is very heavy and would make an excellent bean pot.

  6. Scott says:

    I shouldn’t even tell this on myself, but I’m locked in the Land of Indecision and have gone at least 10 YEARS with most of my interior door knobs off! I have seven interior doors including closets so I need a fairly affordable option yet something fun and period looking.

    I’m all ears if anyone has any suggestions. 🙂

  7. Betsy in Michigan says:

    I have one of those vintage foil-covered wreath and bells doo-dads. It’s the longest ornament I own and really helps fill in the spots on my Christmas tree. They can also be hung anywhere in your house as is to decorate.

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