Kitchenaid’s first-ever color of the year: Coral by another name looks just as sweet

kitchen aid color of the year Kitchenaid mixers already come in more colors than the rainbow and now, the company is adding a new one — Bird of Paradise — a luscious lipstick coral. Jumping on the popular Color of the Year bandwagon, Kitchenaid’s inaugural pick is a lovely one indeed. Thanks to reader Catalina for this tip!

kitchen aid coral

In their news release, Kitchenaid says Bird of Paradise “embodies the lush, tropical paradise, an escape from the

My hallway is painted Sherwin-Williams Ravishing Coral — repeated from a little streak in the original 1951 linoleum tile. This is a terrific color.

“The vibrant coral hue is uplifting and fresh with just a touch of nostalgia,” said Jessica McConnell, Senior Manager, Color, Finish & Material Studio, Global Consumer Design. “It looks great on its own, but, also pairs beautifully with the deep, lush greens we are seeing everywhere in interior design right now.”

Personally, I’m way into coral + chartreuse + teal with dashes of black and ruby. Think: Tropical barkcloth from the 1940s.

For full-on retro, I suggest: Coral complemented with chartreuse, teal, black and a wee hint of ruby red.

The color will be available on five countertop appliances, all shown in this story.

KitchenAid’s history:

Nice little video here!: 

Nicely done, Kitchenaid!

  1. judy h. says:

    BTW…love your complementary color choices for coral.
    I like mine with a good splash of mint and a touch of gold.

  2. Judy H. says:

    This luscious, delectable coral Kitchen-Aid has rocketed to #1 on my wishlist!! You know how some you become utterly obsessed with a color like you just cannot get enough of it?!?!
    That is me…with CORAL!

    This will be mine. I could eat it up!

  3. Mary Elizabeth says:

    Beautiful color! Too bad I recently completed my collection of RED countertop appliances.

  4. ken says:

    Another option is to just refurbish a really good old mixer.

    Rick Margle refurbished my 1958 Dormeyer – which included sandblasting & powder-coating it “seafoam pearl”. It’ll probably last another 60 years now. The following video shows most of the process for refurbishing an old mixer, you can see the final results around minute 42.

    1. Carol says:

      Ken, you are so right. My little brother owns a bodyshop and refurbished my grandmother’s 1940’s Kitchenaid. It still worked perfectly fine, he just wanted a new paint job on it. I have a 50’s model that needs cosmetic attention only. These old machines are worth keeping.

  5. Wendellyn Plummer says:

    That color is just plain luscious! My beloved KA is Almond. I have had it since the early 80’s and it is a beast! One of the best made kitchen appliances, bar none!

  6. carolyn says:

    “…fresh with just a touch of nostalgia…” – funny how everything old is new again. All those people that “updated” and dumped all “that old stuff” and now have to pay out the nose for new old stuff!

  7. Felicia Alexander says:

    Wow, what a find! Don’t forget how beautifully coral goes with turquoise/aqua as well, for that 50s tropical look.

  8. Allison says:

    Golly, that’s a delicious color! If I didn’t already have a Kitchen Aid in their gorgeous soft aqua Ice color, I would absolutely get this.

    Wish I needed something, like a blender, but I’ve already got great vintage appliances. I do hope they keep the color in their lineup; my favorite nail polish is just this shade 🙂

  9. CarolK says:

    I have a 20+ year old bowl-lift K5A Kitchen-Aid. It’s white -which I think was the only color available then- and it’s in great condition. I would like to have a glass bowl for it though. That would be my only teeny complaint. Of course, I could just get a second KA with a tilt head and glass bowl.

    The old Hobart-made Kitchen-Aids are supposed to be superior to the ones made by the spun-off Kitchen-Aid as they have gearing that just won’t burn out. The new ones are still great though.

    1. PAppel says:

      You can always have your ka mixer painted. Personally, keep the old mixer as it is superiorly made to the newer ones.

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