Oh dear readers, you are so wonderful. After I had to cancel my planned trip to cover the Las Vegas Home & History weekend because Astro was sick, Cathy made me a painting of my little fellow. 

dog sweaterCathy wrote:

Hi Pam, Awhile back you mentioned that you’d given up going to a faraway place because you needed the money for your dog to get some medical treatment.  I thought it would be nice for you to get something good out of it all, in addition to just all the joy about your little puppy.  So, I painted a picture of your dog for you!

Awwwww. Cathy’s painting is based on the photo I took when I super-mom made him a sweater. What a wonderful likeness! Thank you so much, Cathy, for sharing this kindness. I will consciously work to pay it forward.

Note: Astro had a nasty UTI that took lots of antibiotics to fix. He’s better now, although he now needs to go out much more often. But… don’t we all, as we get older.  I also want to clarify, re Cathy’s note, that I ended up staying home due to the medical emergency of the situation, not because of the money per se. But yes, I then spent the same amount on vet bills.

When asked, I have accepted little gifts every now and then from readers, but nominal/sentimental/token value only. Thank you, all, too!

And: Thanks to everyone for your kind emails and for participating so thoughtfully in comments on the blog. 11 years in, and together, we have all kept it a happy place.  

  1. Kate says:

    Awww poor Astro! I’m glad he’s feeling better!

    I think you have a collection of Astro paintings now…two is a collection right? 😉

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