Pink ceramic reindeer Christmas ornaments — they’re back

They’re back — the cute little ceramic reindeer ornaments great for your vintage ornament wreaths! Get the pair for $10 at Target.  Thanks, Laura Jean, for this great tip!

UPDATE 10/16: Looks like we gave ’em the Retro Renovation bump and they’re sold out already online. My tip: Head to the store. That’s where I found mine last year!

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  1. Pencils says:

    Oh no, not more Christmas ornaments! I have several of those deer, I got them for my daughter’s pink small tree for her bedroom. Now she’s 10 and not into pink anymore, so I have to buy aqua ornaments for her now. But she LOVES those little deer. I have a collection of vintage flocked plastic deer, of all different sizes. It’s fun to mix the weirdly huge one with the smaller ones.

  2. Claudia Coburn says:

    Thanks for letting us know the reindeer were available this year. My BFF got me 2 last year, I just ordered 4 more. They are the cutest little deer I’ve ever seen!

  3. laurajean says:

    You’re welcome. Ive been a reader of your blog for a few years (never commented) and remembered the frenzy last year over the reindeer (that I missed out on) so I just randomly checked Target the other day and there they were and I knew I just had to pass the tip onto this website and all your fabulous readers. 🙂

    Laura Jean

  4. Ima Pam says:

    OH! I spy 6″ spike-y starburst glitter ornaments in several colors too. And some 4″ blue glass ornaments wrapped in jute, like fishing floats… for that tiki look. Thanks for the tip!

      1. Neil says:

        Maybe it’s just Target’s photo….but that orb looks just like a peering alien that has evolved to be just The Eye, with a jute exoskeleton.

  5. Rosemary says:

    Target also has small replica reindeer ornaments like the sawdust decorations from the 60’s. Search reindeer ornaments a tourquoise and red set is the first one on the list. Also helps that they have little polka dots.

  6. Barbara says:

    Last year I missed out. NOT THIS YEAR!
    I just ordered my reindeers.
    p.s. I’m giving them away as gifts.

  7. Carolyn says:

    When I look at vintage “Made in Japan/Taiwan”, it brings a smile to my face when I see the Asian-tilted eyes on the faces. But THE funniest thing I’ve EVER seen was a dinnerware set from probably late ’90’s of “The 12 Days of Christmas” – 4 COLLIE birds.

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