Plastic soap tray — 4 designs for recessed metal soap holders

plastic soap trays for recessed metal soap holdersI often get asked where to get a new replacement plastic soap tray aka soap holder for those vintage, recessed metal soap holders, like the ones so common by Hall Mack. I typically have advised, “hunt for vintage — try ebay”. But now, I’ve found a supplier, LASCO aka Larsen Supply Co., that sells four different plastic soap trays, large and small.

Four different plastic soap tray designs available

It’s hard to tell from the website which plastic soap tray will fit which vintage recessed metal soap holder, so I advise: Ask LASCO to help determine the right fit you need. Indeed, those old plastic trays got… brittle, not to mention gummy, over the years.

LASCO also sell the recessed metal soap holders with grab bars themselves (one example shown in the photo above) and a bunch of other plumbing supplies fun to poke around and look at. Sink strainer issues, anyone? American Standard Fiesta faucet

Note that LASCO is straight up on their market: Wholesale. So do not try to buy directly from them: 

This is NOT a retail store.
Please use the store locator to find a retailer source.

We are a plumbing supply service company for retailers and distributors. This new website was designed to help both direct accounts of our company and end users to find and use the products they need. We have created a new catalog that is searchable by description, part number, upc or manufacturer!

Indeed, I see these on Amazon, for example here’s one — I presume you will have to poke around to find the correct size for your recessed soap holder: 

New Old Stock Hall Mack Coronado soap holder with original plastic soap tray sets on ebay:

vintage hall mack soap holder
Six sets up for grabs on ebay as I write this.

Of course, it still is worth checking ebay for replacement plastic soap trays, And, it may be just as gratifying and maybe not much more expensive to start all over again with original New Old Stock ala: 

And golly, new from Moen today — and there are other brands too >> 

And just for fun… Remember this amazing recessed, revolving bathroom fixture?

  1. Kathryn Nowosielski says:

    Oh! Thank you!
    I had sent a request a few weeks ago for any info you had and you came through as usual! There is a store in Northampton, MA, which is not too far away for me to drive.
    Thanks again Pam!

  2. Sarah McClendon says:

    I just started with my 1962 condo and have been wondering how in the world soap would fit in this weird thing in my shower and problem solved!! Thank you!

  3. Debbie in Portland says:

    One of my childhood chores was cleaning that soap insert and drying it thoroughly so that it didnt “look slimy”. My mother was a professional housewife and she noticed details like that! I am sure I will need a replacement insert once my renter moves out of my childhood home and, once again, Retro Renovation to the rescue!!

  4. Paul - CT says:

    What’s impossible to find are replacement soap holders for the rotating hide-away Hallmack toothbrush thingies. I wish someone would make a replacement for those!

    Pam, I think you need to learn 3-D Printing!!!


  5. Mary Elizabeth says:

    So, I ordered a new chrome recessed soap holder to replace the damaged one in my 1959 bath. I was surprised it was smooth on the bottom and decided it wouldn’t do for soap at all. Now I realize I should have bought a removable plastic insert. Duh!

  6. Shelly Cahill says:

    Ordered two of these from Amazon and, despite meticulous (or so I thought) measuring, the trays I ordered were less than 1/16″ too narrow. Could not get them to work. Easy enough to return, though! I’ll try, try again. 🙂

  7. Pat says:

    I have a box full of old Hallmack fixtures, some new. I keep waiting to find our “last” house to see if I’ll need to use any of them before I sell them. I had one of the revolving toothbrush ones that I already sold a few years ago.

  8. Pam Kueber says:

    I think I have about four recessed fixtures I need to dig out and finally sell — including some New Old Stock from World of Tile!

  9. Donna says:

    I found perfectly sized replacements for my 1959 house at my local Menards store. If you go to Menards.com they are the Classic Decor Replacement Soap Dish, sku#6752190. They retail for a mere $1.24 each. An amazingly low price for something others apparently have been stuggling to find. (BTW, I have no affiliation with Menards other than I shop there a lot!).

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