Vintage revolving concealed toilet paper holder — with ash tray inside!

New Old Stock revolving, concealed toilet paper holder — with Ferris wheel design ashtray inside — found at the late great World of Tile liquidation sale. Need I say more: Fantastic! My friend Ellen, a WOT co-conspirator, really wanted it for a new bathroom she’s working on. So, we bartered — I got a big tile mural of fishes. Photo closed — ready for some action:

revolving toilet paper holder with ash tray inside

Photo open — would you ever want to leave the room?:

revolving toilet paper holder with ash trayThere was no imprinted brand name, as I recall. We’ve seen many a vintage Hall Mack concealed toilet paper holder — and they go for steep prices. Imagine this one — WITH ASH TRAY. I value it at: priceless, including because of its World of Tile and Retro Renovation provenance, of course!

  1. Lesley Butterfield says:

    Hmmmm, burning embers, flammable toilet paper……. ???? I still love it!
    Is it weird that I was thinking about M&M’s too? Lol

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