Shag’s fabulous poster for Dunn-Edwards Paints at Palm Springs Modernism Week

Josh Agle poster for Dunn Edwards Palm Spring Modernism Week 2019Only Josh Agle aka Shag could make house painting look so hip — so fun — and he’s done just that with this poster created for Dunn-Edwards Paints at the recent Palm Springs Modernism Week 2019. I saw the poster on Shag’s instagram last week and asked the company if I could get permission to feature it on the blog. And howdy hudee, they and the Shag team conferred and reported back, “Yes!” Thank you! I’m so excited: We got Shag! Meow! Many thanks and with credit to: Dunn-Edwards  and SHAG!

I know Josh from my tiki travels, so I emailed to ask about his inspiration for the commission. He wrote right back:

“More orangey” is the new Orange (and, watch that cat!)

Hi Pam,

Glad you’re coming to Desert Tiki Oasis!

A few comments about the Dunn-Edwards poster:

Dunn-Edwards gave me carte blanche to do whatever I wanted. I love old magazine ads from the ‘50s and ‘60s, and paint ads from then usually featured couples or entire families painting their interior walls. That inspired this image. Orange is my favorite color, so naturally, the couple are painting their orange wall even more “orangey.” I often try to sneak in a secondary narrative into my work, just to engage the viewer a little longer.  In this case, it’s the kitten dipping its paw into the paint can. The continuation of the story is open-ended: will the cat dip his paw back into the paint to get more?  Will he walk around and spread paw marks all over the house?  Will he knock the can off the table? 

When I showed my concept to Dunn-Edwards they loved it.  They only had one request: that I add the book of paint swatches next to the paint can. 

That’s about it!



Thanks, Josh! What a great poster, and I like the addition of the paint swatches too — anyone planning on painting a room knows all about collecting and laboring over of those in order to make those nerve-wracking paint-color decisions!

Since Shag’s painting style can be evocative of midcentury advertising illustration, it’s great that what goes around comes around, and now companies are commissioning illustrations from him. Way to go, Josh! Hey, Shag’s Palm Springs pad also was on the Palm Springs Modernism WEek home tour, and as you would expect it’s Everything. Get peeks here and here and here. Oh my!

And of course, it’s also wonderful that companies like Dunn-Edwards are recognizing the substantial market for paint colors for people renovating their midcentury homes and working to connect with that market. Way to go, Dunn-Edwards! Hey, also check out Dunn-Edwards’ door tour from the event — fun!

Repeating the link love:

  1. Joe Felice says:

    Love Shag and had the good fortune of meeting him at the Denver Modernism Show a few years ago. I wish an original print of his were in my budget!

  2. linoleummy says:

    Shag=fave. Shag cats=out of this world. Love the painting over orange with more orangey orange!

    1. Mary Elizabeth says:

      I have never seen Dunn-Edwards paint for sale in my area (Connecticut). Where do they distribute, and through what retailer? Or do they have their own stores?

    2. Mary Elizabeth says:

      Never mind. I looked it up, and they seem to distribute only in the West and Southwest. The closest place I can find a store is in Texas. 🙂

  3. Tut says:

    Mid-century cats are usually pretty similar to that. There was one painted on the fender of a car in a street drag racing episode of Adam-12 that’s very similar to that.

  4. Carolyn says:

    I’ve said it here before and I’ll say it again – if you don’t have a “supervisor”, how do you expect to get any work completed? Kitty is just dbl-checking the paint color.
    While I only know Shag from this blog, I admire his work; small details evocative of times past in a simple scene. Kudos to him and his team, and Dunn-Edwards Paints in hiring him/them!

  5. Tarquin says:

    This is cute. It would get my attention to stop and look at it. I love Dunn Edward’s paint, it’s one of the best. I went with Behr though, because they have a fantastic retro selection. Behr’s Retro Avocado is SPOT ON and their Espresso Bean is SPOT ON for doors & mouldings. Although, I still continue searching for a SPOT ON burnt orange for a few years now.

  6. Penne says:

    Love this poster. Amused that the name of the color, printed on the can is the old basic neutral, Eggshell. Orange is a neutral in my book and what could be better than a more orangey, orange.

      1. Penne says:

        Now that it is brought to my attention, I realize I have seen that reference to paint sheen. Thank you for the correction.

    1. Ky says:

      Eggshell refers to the sheen of the paint, as that’s where Dunn Edwards puts that information on their paint cans. It’s the same sheen I used on my walls, so it’s not quite flat but not as much as their semi-gloss. My house was built in 1976, and we were able to match some colors perfectly with Dunn Edwards’s palette.

      1. Tarquin says:

        Eggshell has more sheen than satin. I remember when they both were introduced. In the 70’s and earlier, there were only two sheens, flat or gloss. Flat went in most rooms. Gloss was for doors, kitchens & bathrooms.

        1. Pam Kueber says:

          I just looked this up online and it said that eggshell is lower luster than satin….
          I believe the continuum is: Flat –> Eggshell –> Satin –> Semi-Gloss –> High-Gloss

          1. Tarquin says:

            Today they also have Matte. People say it’s the same as flat, but I find it to have a little bit of a sheen. Flat has nothing.

  7. Allen says:

    This is awesome!!! I love Shag’s work. I sadly found out today that Fritztile is gone though. Are there any other sources of terrazzo tile out there?

    1. Pam Kueber says:

      Yes, I was also researching recently and saw Fritztile was gone. I need to do more research to find resilient options….

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