Fiberglass lamp shades from Modilumi — pendants, ceiling fixtures & lamps too

blue fiberglass lamp shadeFiberglass “wedding cake” lampshades — the groovy, googie, stacked mid century lamp shades we so love — are favorites among vintage collectors. But, they are increasingly hard to find. Fortunately, there are a few companies that make lovely reproductions brand new. One of them is Modilumi, based in Twin Cities, Minnesota. I talked to owner Lex this week about his company, which continues to grow and innovate.

Thanks to reader Rebecca for this tip, who found Modilumi searching for lamp shades to go with various mid century modern lamps that she has found in thrift stores, ReStores, etc. 

Fiberglass lamp shades, ceiling shades and pendant shades

fiberglass pendant lampOwner Lex tells me that he started his Modilumi business about five years ago after he saw a fiberglass pendant light in a bar and loved the look. He has a history in manufacturing that provided him with a relevant skill set, so he did more research and started making lamp shades, pendants and ceiling shades as a sideline now that he is what he calls “semi-retired.” 

fiberglass lamp shadeHe told me that, indeed, the lamp shades are made of fiberglass sheeting. With his process, he creates the color and design digitally then screen prints it onto the fiberglass. His processes allow for (1) very precise, sometimes very fine, lines or dots or whatever for each design, and (2) for consistent application of the field color so that light shines through evenly and as intended.

fiberglass lamp shadeDelivery time on a custom shade is generally two-to-three weeks, he said. 

Note, Lex told me that unlike the “old” fiberglass, today’s fiberglass sheet does not show the fibers themselves. So…fiberglass style lamp shade

So…. as show above in this Archibald lamp, he’s found another material that he also is working with — an “embossed polyester” — that has that fiber-y look within its construction. fiberglass ceiling fixture

Also offering refurbished lamps and new lamp designs

mid century lamp with fiberglass shademid century lampLex also finds nice old lamp bases, refurbishes, rewires, and tops them with one of his shades. And: A creative soul, he also has created some unique lamp designs of his very own, with more coming. See the lamp selections, with many available for immediate sale, here.

modilumi lightingFinally, as if that’s not enough, he’s adding a retail outlet in St. Paul shortly!

What a delight it was to talk to Lex and learn about his business! We wish him well!

For more information on lamp shades, lamps and more available, see the website:

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  1. DJ Sparkles says:

    Ohhhhh- the colors! The patterns! The only reason I never bought this style of lighting is because I tend towards blues and blacks, and all I ever found was gold and avocado (those being proper 1960’s colors). But now that I could custom-order shades in say, turquoise and black, with a cool pattern to boot, I’m there!

  2. Pam says:

    I sometimes look for these lamp shades on Etsy and noticed Modilumi along with JetSetDisign that has been also sells custom made fiberglass shades and has had a shop since 2012.

  3. Sally says:

    Lounge Lizard in Portland, Or. does beautiful fiberglass lampshades. They did a custom one for me to match a vintage base for $45 dollars.

  4. Debbie in Portland says:

    I almost didn’t click on the link because I thought anything THIS fabulous would be waaaaaay out of my price range. Not only are they surprisingly affordable, they’re made in the USA. These are fabulous!

  5. JustanotherPam says:

    Fiberglass shades were my gateway :drug: to mid century so I hoard(ed) them. These are beautiful!

  6. JeffK says:

    Wow, really nice shades and lamps. I think I like every single one. We have two floor lamps with fiberglass shades that each have a couple of dropped holes where they attach to the metal hoop, looks like I’m shopping here.

  7. Midge Brock says:

    Wow! Thank you, Pam!! -My Giraffe lamp’s shade, although original, is in a sorry state. I just looked at Modilumi’s website and his shades are terrific, and I think, reasonably priced

  8. carolyn says:

    I think I’ve only seen two or three in my adulthood, usually at church sales. I always thought these were so “fancy” with the lacing and fiver strands.
    MCM & MCm are starting to show up in magazines and flipper shows. Not as many sputniks but other elements.
    Now I’m going to check out the link of readers’ collections. Figured I’d best comment first before I get lost down that rabbit hole!

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