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1950s lamp shadefiberglass lamp shade

Launching my research about where to find mid century modern style fiberglass lamp shades, readers quickly pointed out that I needed to put a big spotlight on Meteor Lights — the San Francisco-based company that has been making fiberglass lamp shades fulltime since 1996. I believe this makes Meteor Lights the longest-running maker of fiberglass lamp shades for the retail market today! I immediately dialed up Meteor Lights owner Rob to find out more about his shades. Indeed, he is an experienced artisan who stains the color and paints the design onto each shade by hand. They are glowing gorgeous!

Fiberglass lamp shades in virtually any mid century design

1950s lamp shadeBeing in the business for so long, Rob obviously was quite knowledgeable about fiberglass lamp shade styles and designs from back in the day. He told me that in the 1950s, when these lamp shades first became popular, there were (1) a lot of different types of fiberglass laminate parchments available and (2) different manufacturers applied the colors and designs different ways.

Rob says his method — coloring the parchment and then applying its graphic design — both steps, by hand — was one of the methods used historically. Screen-printing was another method. But, he prefers the control and results he gets from hand-painting.

fiberglass lamp shadeThe fiberglass parchment he starts with today is available only in a bright white. So, he has developed a “secret sauce” recipe of pigment in a medium that (1)  ensures that the colored light shade remains translucent and glowy — which is critical in the appeal of these shades — and (2) means he can custom-color any shade for any project, for example, matching any Pantone chip.

majestic tambourine shades
“Tambourine” shades designed specifically to fit a Majestic brand lamp

He also has developed techniques to make a shade look faded, if the buyer prefers the vintage look. Yes, as if you’ve had the shade for 60 or 70 years —  I love this idea!

meteor lights fiberglass lamp shade designsAfter coloring the parchment, Rob then hand paints one of 20+ possible designs onto the shade. See the pattern choices for his fiberglass lamp shades above, but I’m assuming the choices really are unlimited. 

red lamp shadesfiberglass lamp shadeRob told me that he has background in industrial design, acrylic fabrication and light manufacturing. He demurred when I called him an artist, saying instead that what his customers appreciate most is his attention to detail. Wait times are currently around eight weeks, given this personalized service.

Designs inspired by Abstract Expressionist painters

colored mid century fiberglass lamp shadeAbove: What gorgeous shade! Note the use of two colors — gold and black — in the design, for added dimension. I found Rob’s explanation of the genesis for this style interesting. From the Meteor Lights website:

The free-form web design inspired by the American Abstract Expressionist painters (especially Jackson Pollock) was characteristic of 1950s modern lighting design. Black and white webs are shown here on all tiers of an XL (18″ diameter) three-tier lampshade (which can also be configured as a pendant lamp or ceiling light fixture). We can make this shade in any color combination (or in one color for all three tiers); Very interesting lighting effects can be achieved incorporating non-1950s colors into otherwise period-authentic lighting. Combining design elements from different eras is a great way create fresh, unique, and inspiring design….

I love me my Jackson Pollock: “… Deny the accident!”

square lamp shadeAnother sign of quality that Rob said to look for: His fiberglass lamp shades are bound with lacing 1″ apart. It would be quicker and cheaper to do the lacing at wider intervals — but he chooses the narrower lacing for authenticity and a more finished look. I have three sets of vintage fiberglass shades. I went around with a ruler and measured the lacing. Indeed, the lacing intervals were 1″ to 1-3/8″, depending on the size of the shade.

Thank you, Rob, for talking to me, and for permitting me to show some of your work on the blog! Beautiful! 

Where to buy these beautiful lamp shades:

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  1. Kim says:

    There is another company, JetSet Designs from Gresham, Oregon that does great lampshades. I found them on Etsy.

    1. Pam Kueber says:

      Hi Beth, contact Meteor Light directly to ask this question. The blue text = hotlink to their site.

  2. Johnny Kat says:

    I’ve bought from Rob over the years going back to about 1998. Great guy who’s got talent and know how that is rare these days.

  3. linda h says:

    Been looking for another place since my favorite place changed to commercial sales only. I have another lamp that needs a shade. I have 8 vintage lamps in my house. And now another one that belonged to my favorite Aunt.


    OMG…How wonderfully splendid artistic work. I cannot wait to check out their website.

  5. Anita M Weimann says:

    I’ve been to his store several times and have purchased many many shades from him. He is kind and helpful and doesn’t rush you. He will help you if you are trying to figure out which design you like best, which to colors to use together. The quality of his shades is amazing and I have had some of mine for over 10 years and they still look brand new. I highly recommend Meteor Lights!

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