Snappy atomic mid century lighting — Robert Abbey Treble ceiling lights in two sizes, three finishes

Poking around Practical Props website recently, I noticed that they had begun selling these pretty snappy atomic-looking ceiling fixtures — I called and was told they were Robert Abbey lighting design. Further digging: These Robert Abbey Treble ceiling light fixtures come in two sizes — the small fixture holds three bulbs and the large fixture holds four (see specs for wattage). The exterior shade also comes in three finishes, Modern Brass, Antique Silver, and Deep Patina Bronze.

The photos featured here are all from Amazon — click them and you will get right to the listings. Note: They are affiliate links and earn me a commission if you buy. The two photos above: The smaller fixture.

Above: The larger, four-bulb fixture.

Available at a number of retailers — shop around to compare prices

Amazon is just one place to find these lights. A quick google search turns them up for sale many retailers.

robert abbey treble light at practical props
The small, as carried at Practical Props, is $275 plus shipping. Practical Props also has some good, additional photography that shows details of these lights.

At Practical Props, where I first saw them, the price for the three-light fixture was $275 plus shipping ($25 to my house, the calculator said). Practical Props also has some additional photography worth checking out.

Bottom line, there seems to be plenty of opportunity to shop around.

  1. Elizabeth from Texas says:

    Those are beautiful!! And Practical Props is a wonderful store to deal with. We bought three Sputnik’s and innumerable bow ties from them!

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