Retro stoves in turquoise, mint green, white and black — with a 30″ range coming in 2021

turquoise stove and refrigerator unique appliancesIf you are dreaming of owning a stove and refrigerator in a delicious retro color, here’s another company — Unique Appliances — that recently introduced midcentury-styled ranges and refrigerators — matching pairs — in Ocean Mist Turquoise (aqua), Summer Mint Green, Marshmallow White, and Midnight Black. The company also has retro-design fridges in a few other colors. All of these products seem to be easily available in the U.S. at various major appliance retailers. And scoop for us: Talking to the company this week, I learned they will be introducing a 30″ range — also expect delicious colors — in 2021!jadeite mint green retro stove and refrigerator unique appliancesMega thanks to reader Sarah for this tip. She wrote:  

Hi Pam! I recently saw these pastel green appliances on Home Depot’s website.  It’s smaller (closer to camper size), but is much less expensive than other models. Adorable! Also, do you love the Great British Baking Show too? I would be happy to see if any one is inspired by some of the classic, vintage choices that are in the set design for that show.

Whoa, Sarah, what a great find! I am particularly excited about the stoves. Today, small-sized refrigerators in colors are available from a variety of manufacturers. But retro stoves made new? Not too many options. Oh, and I don’t watch the Great British Baking Show — but thanks for the tip, Sarah, I’ll check it out!

retro stove white unique appliances

Pricing for this 24″ range on Home Depot is $1,399, as of the date of this story. Googling around, I also see the range at Wayfair and the refrigerators at other retailers. So, there’s the opportunity to shop around.

Company to introduce 30″ range in 2021

retro stove black unique appliancesmid century stove unique appliancesclassic retro range unique appliancesAs Sarah noted and as the photos indicate, Unique Appliances so far has focused on smaller-scale appliances. The convection gas range is 24″ wide. The retro-style refrigerators come in two sizes, with the largest, 21.6″ wide/8.7 cu.ft.

Why small? Unique Appliance’s very responsive (thank you!) Marketing department told me the company’s roots are in designing, manufacturing and selling small-sized appliances for the off-grid market. The tiny house market also likes these smaller-sized appliances.

The company knew retro / vintage / mid century style was hot, so it decided to venture into this market as well, using their existing products as platforms. I think they did a great job with the retro design cues!

aqua stove mid century new unique appliancesgas range retro unique appliancesdoor trim unique appliances classic stovedrawer unique appliances classic stoveOf course, when I spoke to the company, I asked: Any chance you’ll be making bigger stoves, in particular, soon? I was happily surprised when Marketing emailed me all the photos along with this news: 

Also, please note I spoke with our product development team, and they did confirm that we are in fact working on a 30” version which will come out in 2021.

Howdy hudee! Thank you, Unique Appliances, for that breaking news, and for all your help with this story. And again — thanks to Sarah and all the readers who continue to send tips! 

Unique Appliance Classic range and refrigerator features


    1. Pam Kueber says:

      As noted in the story, Marketing department told me the company’s roots are in designing, manufacturing and selling small-sized appliances for the off-grid market.

  1. Mary Elizabeth says:

    I really like the looks of these ranges. Too bad the 30″ was not out yet when I had to purchase a new range a month ago. We found something by GE in white that was similar looking, though.

  2. carolyn says:

    Speaking of Mid-Century, Frank Reagan was defending some of his 30,000 NYC officers who live in “mid-century houses” a couple of episodes ago.
    He’s the Commissioner – he knows everything.

  3. valvashon says:

    All of these stoves and refrigerators are super cute! And would look super stupid in my 1961 ranch house! Thank goodness I still have my original stove and oven, but I need a fridge that’s more squared off- preferably a side by side at counter depth. A quick search of Craigslist reveals that it’s not that hard to find a 1940’s or 1950’s fridge. 1960-1970? Forget it. Manufacturers- please make something for our ranch house kitchens!

    1. CarolK says:


      You might be able to get what you want in a 60s/70s style fridge by getting a new counter-depth side by side and having it painted the color you want at an auto body shop or having it wrapped if you want a color other than black or white. Bottom freezer fridges were also around in the 60s because my aunt had one. The bog box stores do have counter-depth fridges, but you may have to order them. They are listed on the site; Lowe’s actually has a search criteria for counter-depth. I would imagine that Home Depot and Best Buy do as well. The basic style has changed very little since the 60s.

  4. Ginny says:

    Great job styling this range. I really like the switches for the light and the fan. (I bet there is an official name for the switch but I don’t know what it is. Toggle?)

    Also the squared off corners of the oven window.

    Nicely done!

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