Dear Readers, sharing a new phase in Retro Renovation’s history:

After nearly 15 years of blogging about the retro, I have decided to step back from posting regularly, and have closed comments.

Created over all these years: More than 3,000 stories on the blog – so much to dig into!  

Maintaining the site as a solid reference

Even as I make time for new endeavors, I will aim to maintain the site in key ways: I plan to focus on updating key resource stories in my existing archive so that the site can remain a solid reference. You may see new stories occasionally – especially about new resources. And, I hope to keep building my archive of research about steel kitchen cabinets, a longtime passion of mine.

How to stay in touch: I plan to spotlight key updates or new stories via the newsletter, which I now am envisioning as a monthly email. Also check out the Facebook page, where I will share updates and also share things like time capsule houses spotted by followers there.

Many thanks to the many readers who have helped create this blog over all these years! It’s been very gratifying to see the respect for midcentury modern – and modest – design emerge, grow, and solidify. Working on this site has been a labor of love – I’ve made many new friends – I am truly grateful for this wonderful community — and I look forward to this new stage in Retro Renovation’s history!  Xoxo Pam

love the house youre in